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Hario Tea Brewing Set

Hario Tea Brewing Set

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Quick Overview:

Brew tea like a professional with this Largo Tea Brewing Set from Hario. This set includes everything you'll need to make a perfect cup of tea every time.

The Tea Dripper Largo features a large, borosilicate glass vessel that is both strong and lightweight. This makes it possible to showcase the brewing process while tea leaves slowly unfurl and infuse into a beautiful cup. Once the process completes, tea can easily be dispensed into a pitcher or teacup (not included) with the press of a button

The V60 Drip Station is a perfect companion to hold the Largo on the V60 Drip Scale. The clear acrylic stand is easy to use and incorporates a drip tray for easy clean up.

The V60 Drip Scale assures that the proper serving of tea can be conveniently measured and also includes accurate brew times.

Sold Separately for $169
Full Set Specially Priced at $159. *Note: Pitcher in photo not included in set.

Dimensions: Stand - 5.31"W x 5.5"L x 7"H
Pot - 5.12"W x 5.12"L x 6.5"H
Set - 13.5"H

Materials: Pot is heatproof glass; Stand is acrylic; Scale is plastic

Country of Origin: Japan
The tea usually ships in 4-5 business days


Not suitable for stove top use
Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended
Use caution when handling hot liquids
Removable silicone base and stainless steel filter