Winter Tea Guide #1: A Snowed in Evening

By December 9, 2013 Gifts, Holidays & Events, Tea Profiles
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    As we welcome the month of December, the temperatures have dropped and the air has a cold bite to it (even in Los Angeles, it has been getting pretty chilly at night!) What better way to stay warm than a nice hot cup of Art of Tea, a fire and good conversation. See our snowed in guide for what we think include all the fixings of a wonderful evening indoors.
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      Art of Tea Blog

      By December 2, 2013 Art of Tea News
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        Welcome to the updated Art of Tea blog! Over the next few weeks you will start to see some changes to the format and content of our blog.  You can expect to find recipes, photographs, fun facts, lifestyle guides, hidden gems in Los Angeles and everything that inspires us here at Art of Tea. Join us in our  journey and discover what we find as we go.

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          Gratitude Everyday

          By November 27, 2013 Health & Lifestyle, Our Beliefs
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            It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that I was writing a new year’s resolution post about the paleo diet. With the year almost over, I’m inspired to look back at my personal goals and declarations I made at the beginning of the year. One of my resolutions was to show gratitude daily.

            In light of Thanksgiving tomorrow, it seems even more fitting to talk about giving thanks. When I think of Thanksgiving, I immediately think of an indulgent meal with turkey and all the fixings enjoyed with family and friends. Not to mention the following day is known as Black Friday, a day devoted to getting what you want and need or think you need. It’s easy to forget that this is a holiday of gratitude. I made gratitude a part of my resolution to remind myself to step back from all the daily commotion in life. These include material things I may want or things I need to do. Rather I wanted to focus on being grateful for the present, for things I have and people who are a part of my life now. I wanted to focus on being more aware of my surroundings and appreciate life like a flower blooming, a sunset, or the sound of the waves crashing. I think it’s so important to acknowledge what and who you are grateful for in life and express it as often as you can. Showing gratitude can be as simple as smiling back at someone.


            The recent natural disaster, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, which is where many of my relatives currently live. Fortunately, they were not directly affected, but this tragedy is yet another reminder to be thankful. There are many things in life taken for granted, so I invite you to join me in giving thanks and expressing this gratitude more often. You can start by making a list of things you are grateful for. Look at this list whenever you’re having a challenging day, and it might change your perspective of your bad day. Add on and share the list with someone you love.

            Coupled with showing gratitude, it’s a great time to revisit tapping out of technology to tap in to tea. Since tea has natural calming effects for the body, this is the perfect vessel to continue the positivity. Last May, Art of Tea spearheaded a digital detox campaign to unplug from the digital age of phones, computers, social media, etc. to focus on a tea experience to refocus on the beauty and appreciation of life. Check out the post for more details. Happy Thanksgiving!


            -MELISSA CHUA

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              Homemade Chai Masala

              By November 4, 2013 Brewing Tea, Cocktails, Mocktails & More, Cooking with Tea, History and Culture of Tea, Tea Profiles
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                Wholesale Fall and Holiday Launch Event 011

                In our neck of the woods, it’s finally beginning to cool off after our extended summer and come into the perfect weather to curl up with a cup of tea. A time-honored brew to warm you up from the inside during these cooler months is a Chai Masala, or tea with spices. In India, every Chai-wallah has their own special recipe to create this sweet, rich treat. And now you can make your very own Chai Masala from scratch by following these simple steps:

                Chai Masala

                (makes four 8 oz servings)


                10 tsp Tali’s Masala Chai

                2 cups hot water

                2 cups milk

                Sugar to taste


                Simmer 10 tsp of Tali’s Masala Chai in 2 cups of hot water for 3 minutes. Add milk and sugar (normally 4 tsp) and bring to a simmer. Do not allow to boil. Strain and serve.

                You can also substitute other darker, rich black teas in this recipe. Suggestions might be Pumpkin Spice Chai, Cinnamon Fig, or try it with our Classic Black for a Royal Milk Tea.

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                  Tea Highlight: Apple Teas

                  By September 9, 2013 Gifts, Holidays & Events, Tea Profiles
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                    Fall is in the horizon, which means apple season is just about here! Even though you can get delicious and ripe apples all year long, fall marks the season of apples, so it’s only fitting to spotlight Art of Tea’s growing selection of apple teas! The perfect balance of sweet and tart apple flavors were fused together to create signature blends: Apple Pie, AppleTEA’ni, and a newly launched fall inspired tea called Turkish Apple.

                    Apple pie is an all time American favorite served at holiday parties with the family or the Fourth of July BBQ. We wanted to create a tea to replicate the warm and comforting flavors of this classic and well-loved American dessert. This caffeine free tisane is a rooibos medley of honeybush, cinnamon, apple bits, coconut, ginger, pink peppercorn, black peppercorn and nutmeg. Art of Tea’s Apple Pie is a guilt free dessert tea that you can enjoy all day long. It smells like a homemade apple pie fresh out of the oven. Enjoy Apple Pie tea hot, cold or even make your own libation like an apple cider featured in a past blog article.

                    Along with Apple Pie, Art of Tea’s AppleTEA’ni made its debut last year. This is a tea version of an apple martini (appletini for short), a popular cocktail containing vodka and apple flavoring from juice, liqueur, etc. On the sweeter side, AppleTEA’ni is caffeinated with Yun Wu green tea, balanced with sweetness from green rooibos, apple bits, cinnamon and pinched with spice from ginger. This is the perfect mocktail (alcohol free beverage) because it’s also great over ice.

                    After a slew of requests, we were inspired to create our newest apple tea called Turkish Apple, which is based on Turkish tea, a popular tea among Persians and Turkish speaking cultures. Traditionally, Turkish tea is a strong brew of black tea served in small glasses. Accordingly, we matched the flavors with potent black teas coupled with cinnamon. This robust blend provides bold flavors that will uplift and comfort you throughout the day.

                    -MELISSA CHUA

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                      Yerba Mate and Guayusa

                      By August 5, 2013 History and Culture of Tea, Tea Profiles
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                        Yerba Mate (mah-tay) and Guayusa (why-you-suh) are widely becoming popular tea alternatives because of their bold caffeine content and pronounced antioxidant properties similar to tea. The cousins derive from caffeinated holly trees found in the South American rain forests. Yerba Mate like pu-erh tea, is very earthy tasting and may take some getting used to in order to fully appreciate its unique flavor. Since mate is so earthy, I enjoy it with half a teaspoon of agave, which beautifully elevates mate’s natural, yet subtle sweeter notes. Guayusa on the other hand, is a bit sweeter but upholds that earthiness profile in taste and aroma. Guayusa has a lighter more balanced earthiness coupled with sweetness. Check out Art of Tea’s growing selection of Yerba Mate and Guayusa Blends featuring handcrafted fusions made by Art of Tea’s expert blenders.

                        Yerba Mate


                        Two recently premiered fusions are Tropical Mate and Cucumber Mint Guayusa. These blends are new to the iced tea line but are not limited to iced teas. They are sold in the new 2 quart iced tea pyramid retail packs as well!

                        Tropical Mate

                        Tropical Mate is a Yerba Mate blend that combines sweet and tart flavors. It is truly a tropical medley consisting of hibiscus and Schizandra berries, the 5-flavored berry! Tropical Mate also contains green rooibos and tulsi, which add more sweetness to this blend that receives a double dose of caffeine from the mate and organic jasmine green tea. Overall, this is a tasty caffeinated tisane full of flavor and character. It brews a blood orange hue and smells divinely sweet, starting off how it smells, but provides a tarty finish.

                        Cucumber Mint Guayusa

                        Guayusa is the base for Cucumber Mint Guayusa. This is a refreshing fusion combining spearmint with natural cucumber flavors. Caffeinated from the Guayusa, this more straightforward blend smells so minty that it will be hard for any mint lover to resist. Cucumber Mint showcases a balance of mint and earthy flavors rounded by a pure sweetness. It is amazing over ice but equally uplifting hot.

                        -MELISSA CHUA

                        Melissa is the Business Development Manager at Art of Tea. Contact her directly with any feedback, ideas or questions via Google+.

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                          Savor Chilled Iced Teas with Art of Tea and Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker

                          By August 3, 2013 Brewing Tea, Tea Profiles
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                            What better way to enjoy chilled iced teas including 2QT Iced Teas than with the Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker. This chic and functional tea maker is brought to you by award-winning specialty tea store Art of Tea, which offers over 200 teas and accessories including their delectable 2QT Iced Tea range of teas.

                            Whether you love to sip on black, green, organic, white, rooibos, or caffeine-free teas, among many others, you are sure to find a wide range of teas that can rejuvenate your body and mind with each heavenly sip. Many of Art of Tea’s delicious teas have won awards and are featured in several health and food magazines.

                            Whether you love your teas hot or cold, you need a reliable iced tea maker that enables you to steep and store tea without any spillage. Art of Tea offers the Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker that combines sleek design with a removable infuser and airtight twist cap. This chic tea maker is made from BPA free AcraGlassthat can steep and store 660 oz or 2 quart of hot or iced tea.

                            In fact, you can steep loose leaf tea in 3 different ways in the Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker. You can opt for hot brew, cold brew, or flash chill to end up with lip-smacking tea that can be sipped on all day long. This iced tea pitcher does not stain or retain any odor and can be quickly washed clean in your dishwasher.

                            You can now steep various teas including several award-winning teas offered by Art of Tea in your Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker.You can enjoy each tea break at work by sipping on delectable teas that are sourced from Art of Tea from different corners of the world. You can also use this iced tea maker to steep tea at home when you wish to beat the heat and relax with close friends and family.

                            In addition to ordering your own Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker, you can also opt for Art of Tea’s 2QT Iced Tea Kit that contains this sleek iced tea pitcher along with 4 of their delicious 2QT Iced Tea pouches that can be chosen from 8 unique flavors. You can also gift this stylish and practical iced tea maker to loved ones.

                            So, when you want to steep and sip from over 200 tea varieties available at Art of Tea in a chic iced tea maker that retains the unique flavor of each tea then look no further. You only need to visit Art of Tea’s online store at or can use the direct link to quickly get your very own Takeya 2QT Iced Tea Maker.

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                              Start Wholesaling with Wholesale Herbal Teas from Art of Tea

                              By July 18, 2013 Brewing Tea
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                                Start Wholesaling with Wholesale Herbal Teas from Art of Tea

                                At a time when good and profitable businesses are hard to come by, you can tie up with a formidable specialty tea company from Los Angeles and start wholesaling with wholesale herbal teas. Your herbal tea wholesale business will pick up from the very first day once you tie up with Art of Tea, a company that has strong brand value and several award-winning teas in its fantastic range of teas.

                                You need not physically visit our warehouse since Art of Tea has an in-depth online specialty tea store that will help you register quickly as a wholesaler, place your orders, make online payments, and get started within no time at all for approved customers only. Once you are approved as a wholesaler, you can get access to their detailed tea catalogue and order from a wide range of green, white, black, blooming, oolong, puerh, caffeine-free, and dessert teas along with several tea accessories.

                                You can conveniently order wholesale black tea that possesses enthralling flavor as well as equally exciting names such as their award winning Biodynamic Darjeeling, Classic Black, Earl Grey, Lychee Peach, Passionfruit Jasmine, and many other teas that will surely win accolades from your customers as well.

                                In these health-conscious times, you should certainly offer healthy and tasty green teas to your customers. You can order for wholesale green tea from Art of Tea and sell them to neighborhood cafes, spas, restaurants, hotels, and can even open your very own quaint specialty tea store for walk-in customers.

                                All teas available at Art of Tea have been sourced by its founder and master tea blender Steve Schwartz who travels all around the globe to bring fresh and unique teas. These teas are further sorted, packed, and blended by Steve along with his expert team. In addition to countless awards, their Summer Peach Iced Tea recently won first Place in at the World Tea Expo 2013 in the flavored black iced tea category.

                                It won’t take time to establish yourself as a reputable tea wholesaler if you get it right the first time around. Art of Tea offers you over 200 delectable organic and specialty teas at affordable prices from their actual and online store. You only need to place minimum orders of as low as 3 lbs, which include three different teas of 1 lb each. Can it get any more convenient?

                                With consumption of tea rising all over the globe, you merely need to offer top-quality and fantastic-tasting teas to your customers. You can quickly and conveniently order for wholesale herbal tea, wholesale black tea, and wholesale green tea, among several other teas and accessories Visit their wholesale section to learn about how to turn into a wholesaler in no time at all.

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                                  Selecting Organic Blooming Tea from Art of Tea

                                  By July 16, 2013 Tea Profiles
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                                    When you want simply the very best blooming tea to please your taste buds, you need not step out of your home or office. You only need to visit Art of Tea at and click to order from an aromatic range of blooming teas.

                                    This tea not only looks divine thanks to the blooming tea flower mixed with several other organic ingredients, but in addition also reveals its hidden aroma and flavor upon steeping. Los Angeles based Art of Tea sources all its teas including black, white, green, puerh, dessert, oolong, rooibos, and of course, blooming tea from some of the top tea-producing regions of the world.

                                    Art of Tea has a long tradition of continually winning several awards from various organizations each year for its various teas that also include blooming teas. You can certainly try out their award-winning Halo blooming white tea as well as several other teas such as Beach Flower, Black Peony, Bird of Paradise (Limited Edition) and Blooming Bliss Tea.

                                    If you love or need to drink caffeine-free bloom tea then you can also choose from Lotus Flower and Ammo blooming teas that do not contain any caffeine.These teas are packed in really attractive tins that also make for great gifts.

                                    You will clearly send out a healthy message by gifting these teas to your loved ones. For instance, the award winning Halo Blooming Tea contains white tea, amaranth flowers, jasmine flowers, and natural flavors. This tea has a smooth body, a unique flavor profile, and is rich in antioxidants. This soothing tea can be enjoyed alone or in the company of close friends and family.

                                    In addition to a wide range of delicious blooming teas, Art of Tea also offers summer inspired teas, fair trade teas, caffeine free blends, wellness teas and herbs, yerba mate and guayusa blends, teabag sachets, rare and single origin teas, and tea gifts and accessories. You can conveniently browse through more than 200 tea varieties at this innovative specialty tea store. This online tea store has teas and accessories to suit a wide range of palates and wallets.

                                    If you love blooming tea then you need not spend hours upon hours trudging to specialty tea stores. You merely need to head online to shop at You can select from a huge range of teas including blooming tea that includes award winning teas as well as caffeine-free blooming teas. One sip of these delectable teas and you will never need to ever venture out of your home to buy these mouth-watering teas.

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                                      Caffeine Free Iced Tea Overview

                                      By July 15, 2013 Tea Profiles
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                                        If your passion for iced teas goes much beyond merely sipping on a cold glass of gold-colored liquid then you need to experience the tastiest range of iced teas only from the Art of Tea. This Los-Angeles based specialty tea store also manages an impressive online store that offers lip-smacking herbal iced tea and provides all the benefits without sacrificing on great taste.

                                        Art of Tea offers a wide range of mouthwatering iced teas in loose leaf form as well as in teabags that are presented under their 2QT Collection. These tempting teas are packed in biodegradable pouches that take care of your taste buds as well as the environment. Whether you love coconut iced tea, pomegranate iced tea, passion fruit iced tea, or other flavors, Art of Tea has just the right tea for you.

                                        You can check out exciting iced teas such as Hibiscus Cooler, Green Pomegranate, Passionfruit Jasmine, Tropical Mate, and others in their 2QT teabag range as well as White Coconut Crème, Silver Needle Chrysanthemum, White Guava Ginger, and many others in their loose leaf range.

                                        You can also choose from a wide range of caffeine free iced teas at this exhaustive online store that offers over 200 varieties of teas under one virtual roof. You should browse through the Caffeine Free Blends section to feast your eyes on teas such as Banana Dulce, Blueberry Cheesecake, Apricot Escape, Ginger Ginseng, Lemon Meringue, Vanilla Berry Truffle, and other unusual-and-delectable iced teas. These teas can also be enjoyed in hot form.

                                        You can surely have fun trying out one caffeine free spice tea blend after the other without battling through peak traffic while bringing the tea with you on the go. .

                                        When you want to experience the tastiest range of herbal iced teas including caffeine free iced teas, you only need to take the help of your trusted mouse and visit A few clicks and you will end up with a chilled glass of your favorite iced tea in your hand while being surrounded by other happy tea lovers sipping on teas from this iconic online specialty tea store.

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