Lapsang Souchong – Considered one of the very first black teas to be introduced to the west, this tea became known for its signature smoky flavor and aroma permeated by the campfires of traveling caravans. Nowadays, the signature flavor is recreated by smoking the leaves over pine needles. This tea pairs nicely with savory dishes.

*Indian Black Teas

Assam – Usually bold and malty in flavor, this tea has a dramatic character that rivals the potent punch of coffee, making it a great transition tea. This is also a great base for blending and holds up well against multiple steepings.

Darjeeling – Just like champagne, Darjeeling comes from the Darjeeling region of India and has a smooth, bright flavor with muscatel overtones and a slightly floral finish. Arguably one of the best black teas in the world, this dynamic tea leaves behind a subtle hint of lingering astringency on the palate.,