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Haru No Ko Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea - 30g Tin

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Quick Overview:

To truly experience the unique flavors and health benefits of matcha green tea, you need the highest-quality powdered matcha tea. Our select Haru No Ko ceremonial-grade Japanese matcha is an ultra-premium, high-grade tea designed to be prepared in the traditional matcha tea ceremony. Our Haru No Ko matcha offers a rich, grassy cup with a slightly creamy finish, demonstrating the varied and subtle flavors of matcha and providing a satisfying experience in both preparation and drinking. This matcha is prepared to the highest standards of quality, making it effortlessly simple to whisk and perfect for both the matcha novice and the seasoned veteran.

Caffeine Content: Medium
Tasting Notes: Fresh, Grassy, Sweet
Japanese Green Tea
Best enjoyed when frothed and fully whisked.

Water Temperature: 180 F degrees
Suggested Serving Size: 1/4 tsp per 6-8oz of water.

Additional Art of Tea Tip: Whisk the Matcha well with a Bamboo whisk and break up any small lumps with the tip of your whisk while whisking tea. This assures the most optimal flavor and a smooth and creamy texture.