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Join the Digital Detox Challenge

This month, we’re challenging the Art of Tea community to take a little more “me time.” Should you join this challenge, you can expect more mindfulness, calm, and intention in your daily tea routine. All it takes to join is 8 minutes each day and your usual cup of tea. Are you in?

Here’s how you join the Digital Detox Challenge. For the entire month of May, take an 8 minute break from technology every day. The perfect opportunity to do this is when you’re making your daily cup of tea. While your water heats up and your tea steeps, step away from your phone, tablet, computer, TV, and other digital devices. Take a moment for yourself. Watch the steam rise from the water, smell the tea leaves unfurl, and feel the warmth in your cup. Use this time to ground yourself and tune out the rest of the world.

We’ll be sharing words of wisdom and suggested technology-free activities all month long. Text “DETOX” to 33222 if you want us to share them with you, too. (And yes, we see the irony in texting to join a Digital Detox. But, we haven’t figured out telepathy yet, so texting will have to do!)