Because green tea is grown and harvested in many different regions of China and Japan, it would easily fill up a book trying to explain each type and variant. Listed below are some of the more popular variants of green tea, most of which you can find right here at Art of Tea.

*Chinese Green Teas

Longjing or Dragonwell is pan fried and has flat sword-shaped leaves. It has a vibrant jade green hue and a fresh, clean and mellow flavor and aroma.

Gunpowder gets its distinctive name because of the process in which it is made. The leaves are hand shaped into small spheres that resemble gunpowder and with its slightly brisk and smoky flavor, it really is quite a fitting name. As the primary ingredient in Moroccan Mint tea, gunpowder helps to round out the flavor by balancing out the sharpness of the mint.

Yun Wu or Cloud & Mist is harvested at a much higher altitude, smothered in clouds. The resulting cup has a light and slightly sweet taste.