*Japanese Green Teas

Gyokuro, or Jade Dew tea, is the most precious and highly sought after green tea. Select Tencha leaves are shade grown for up to 20 days then harvested and promptly steamed to maintain elevated levels of chlorophyll. The resulting cup steeps a bright green color with a sweet, grassy finish.

Sencha is the most common green tea from Japan and is also the base for many of our green tea fusions. Unlike Gyokuro, Sencha leaves are directly exposed to sunlight. Sencha gets its name from the decoction method in which it is processed and delivers a slightly astringent, vegetal cup with bright grassy after notes.

Kukicha, or twig tea, is comprised of twigs, stems and stalks. Usually this tea consists of the remnants of the gyokuro and sencha harvest. This tea is slightly roasted and is a bit more oxidized than most green teas, giving the tea a nutty taste with a round, thick flavor.