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These are principles that help guide a person to achieve total mental, spiritual, and physical health. Taking the utmost care of our bodies and forging a healthy relationship with fellowman are some of Ayurveda’s most important teachings. Ayurveda experts carefully assess a person’s life before recommending treatment, including diet, sleep, relationships aspects, and exercise. After looking closely at these details, the patient’s health emerges. The recommended drinks of an Ayurvedic diet include teas such as Tridosha and Feel Better Blend, and herbs such as Tulsi, ginger and other spices.

According to the ancient Vedic Texts called The Charaka Samhita, the healthy mind is the key to obtaining optimum health. If we have a positive and good outlook about other people and ourselves, then spiritual and physical health follows. The purification of the mind and body creates harmony in the universe, ourselves and those around us. If we have healthier minds and bodies, we exude confidence and balance and we are able to have close relationships with other people.

Living a peaceful life is Ayurveda’s goal. The balance between the mind and body is necessary to achieve its optimal state. Constant and regular application of the Yoga principles mentioned above helps create harmony in the mind, body and spirit. You will be able to enjoy the best of everything life has to give.