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6 Reasons You Should Stock Up on Holiday Teas

It's no secret that our Fall and Holiday teas will be going back into the Art of Tea vault sometime soon. That time is quickly approaching. The good news is, that means Spring is almost here! The bad news is that there's not much time left to stock up on Fall and Holiday teas for the rest of the year. If you're a fan of one of our awesome Falliday flavors, you know the importance of grabbing these blends before they're gone. But, just in case, we thought we'd remind you why it's of the utmost importance that you scoop up all of your favorite Fall and Holiday teas before they're gone!

  1. Dark Chocolate Peppermint is kind of the best.

    Strike that. Dark Chocolate Peppermint is the best. Well, at least that's the consensus among the Art of Tea tea'm. We're captivated by the earthy, chocolate flavors, and hints of sweet mint. And while we can't name names, we suspect that a certain mint cookie that's being sold soon might taste good with a cup of this blend. Dark Chocolate Peppermint continues to be the most popular Fall and Holiday tea we offer. If you haven't tried it, steep now or forever hold your peace. 

  2. Sometimes you just have a craving for pie.

    Sure, you could always bake a pie, but that involves shopping for ingredients, hand-making a crust, peeling your apples, or pureeing your pumpkin. That's too involved if you ask us! Of course, we suggest a much easier alternative: brewing a cup of Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie. Added bonus: both of these teas are our drink of choice when watching When Harry Met Sally, which is great at any time of year, in our humble opinion. 

  3. October is just too far away.

    There's no shame in saying that Pumpkin Spice is the best part of Fall. Sure, there's the foliage, the changing weather, and Halloween. But Pumpkin Spice is next-level greatness. You can't make the leaves fall year-round, you can't change the weather, and you certainly shouldn't try to celebrate Halloween all year on your own. (Try explaining your costumes and why you're constantly trick-or-treating to your boss!) However, you can absolutely enjoy Pumpkin Spice year-round by stocking up on Pumpkin Spice Chai and Pumpkin Pie. Drink them as is or add steamed milk to put those seasonal lattes from that mermaid-coffee-shop to shame. There's no reason you can't enjoy the most famous fall flavors all year long!

  4. Three words: Christmas. In. July.

    Even if you don't actually celebrate Christmas in July, you can still give yourself a little cup of Christmas cheer. If you stock up on Fall and Holiday teas now, you can throw a massive Christmas bash in the middle of the summer without worrying about where you'll get your holiday teas! And even if you're not throwing a party to celebrate Christmas in July, you can have a holiday moment to yourself any time it rains! The summer knows no shortage of rainstorms and these dark and damp occasions are perfect for bringing out cozy White Winter Chai

  5. Fall & Holiday teas are good hot but better iced.

    The weather during the Fall and Winter is perfect for hot tea and Spring and Summer are great for tea that's iced. Why not combine the two by enjoying the Fall and Winter teas you usually drink warm over ice? We loved using Fall and Holiday teas as a base for our simple iced tea latte recipe. Teas tend to have a sweeter, less astringent flavor at lower temperatures, which makes the sweet and spicy flavors of our Fall and Holiday teas really shine. Of course, you can only make iced Fall and Holiday lattes if you have Fall and Holiday teas! 

  6. You'll be really mad at yourself if you don't.

    Put simply, if you don't grab Fall and Holiday teas now, you'll be kicking yourself later. If you're the kind of person who occasionally has an intense craving for one of our holiday teas, do yourself a favor and get your favorite holiday teas now so you won't be daydreaming about them until next Fall. You'll thank us later.

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