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A Blooming Romance: Perfect Valentine's Gifts

Chocolates, candies, and flowers tend to be go-to gifts for Valentine's Day. If your beau loves tea as much as they love you, you might want to forego the candy hearts for Camellia sinensis this year. Of course, you can still give tea without skimping out on flowers. In fact, you can give tea that is full of flowers or tea that even becomes a flower. Step up the romance and brew up some love this Valentine's Day with these perfect gifts. 

Floral Teas

The easiest way to include flowers in your gift to that somebody special is through a floral tea. There's a reason we once called our Tuscany blend "Amore." The romantic mix of mint, Silver Needle, and rose petals creates a delicate drink your sweetheart will love. Pair this tea with chocolate-covered strawberries for the perfect gift. 

Blooming Teas

Why give a single red rose when you can give several blossoming flowers that deliver beauty and flavor? (Last we checked, you couldn't eat roses.) Blooming teas are a great gift for a few reasons. For starters, they're a novelty. There isn't another tea that delivers the fascination and entertainment that you get from a blooming tea. One of these bulbs will deliver a whimsical performance when dropped in a clear vessel full of warm water. 

Unlike loose leaf teas, blooming teas come in a larger, single orb. When dropped in hot water, the tea leaves in the orb begin to unfurl, exposing a surprise flower inside. For the angel in your life who prefers white tea, Halo is a wonderful option. 

More Gift Options

Of course, sometimes we forget about Valentine's Day and we have to scramble at the last minute. If you order a Tea of the Month for your Valentine they will receive the gift of Art of Tea monthly for however long you sign them up to receive. Finding yourself in hot water and not sure what to order? We suggest treating your sweetie to an Art of Tea gift card so they can treat themselves to whatever they'd like.  

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