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A Surprisingly Delicious Fall Tea Blend: Earl Grey Chai Tea

If we had to assign a tea to each season, there's no doubt that we'd call Autumn the "Chai Season." The spicy aroma and flavors of Tali's Masala Chai, Pumpkin Spice Chai, and even White Winter Chai are perfect for football games, corn mazes, hayrides, and chilly nights by the fireplace. Chai and Autumn are a match made in heaven, but we've found something that pairs with Chai even more...

Earl Grey Creme

Pick your jaw off the floor! We're serious. Our Master Blender, Alex, recently discovered that Earl Grey Creme and Tali's Masala Chai is the flavor combo you never knew you wanted. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. 

The Best Tea You Never Knew You Needed

We're not sure how or why it works, but we are sure that Earl Grey Creme and Tali's Masala Chai are amazing together. Here's how you can make the perfect flavor fusion yourself. You'll need a Perfect Tea Spoon and, of course, both Earl Grey Creme and Tali's Masala Chai. To make the flavors really sing, you're going to want to use 2 parts Tali's Masala Chai to each 1 part Earl Grey Creme. Combine these two teas in an Art of Tea filter bag and make a strong brew. (That means you'll want to brew your tea the way you always do, but using about half the hot water.) Strong brewing makes your tea into a concentrate instead! 

Add the Finishing Touches

Your concentrate is too strong to enjoy on its own (though you could always just make a standard cup of tea!), but it becomes Chai Latte perfection with the addition of milk, creamer, or a dairy-free alternative to either. Finally, add a sprinkling of ground cinnamon to really amp up the chai flavor. One cup of this homemade blend and you'll be hooked!

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