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Gift for Tea Lovers: How to Craft the Best Tea Gift Basket

With Easter approaching, there's a lot of talk about baskets of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and creme-filled eggs. It has us thinking about what goes into a great gift basket for any occasion. If you have tea lovers in your life, building a basket could be the perfect birthday gift or housewarming present. And as the weather warms up, you might find that a tea gift basket is a perfect host or hostess gift for a backyard barbecue.

Step 1: Choose the Theme

A great gift basket tends to have one, cohesive theme. Whether it's a focused theme, like a collection of blends featuring rose, or a broad theme, like a collection of iced teas, it helps to have a central idea for your basket. If you're looking for theme ideas, think about shared ingredients, tea types use for the teas, caffeine content, or country of origin. If the recipient has never tried a Japanese green tea, a collection of sencha, including Eisai's Choice Sencha. If your recipient enjoys flowers and visually stunning gifts, a collection of blooming teas could be the right move. 

Step 2: Gather the Goods

Once you've decided on the type of basket you're creating, start gathering the goods. Peruse Art of Tea for other teas, blends, and tisanes that work with the theme. If you're gifting mostly loose teas, adding a box of Art of Tea Filter Bags is a great idea. If you've gone the route of a blooming tea, adding a clear teapot will enhance your recipient's steeping experience. To keep your basket from getting too overwhelming, stick to two to three varieties of teas and maybe one accessory.

Step 3: Add the Finishing Touches 

Like the clear teapot or the Art of Tea Filter Bags mentioned before, add-ons can enhance your entire gift basket. Luckily, Art of Tea has a wide variety of tea accessories and teaware. From teapots to tumblers, there are plenty of options for extra swag in your basket. Stock up on colorful faux grass while Easter supplies are still available, or use tissue paper, ribbon, or tinsel to cushion your basket's components. 

Of course, if just the thought of planning a gift basket makes your head spin, you could take the easy route and grab an Art of Tea sampler pack or Tea of the Month subscription. Pre-curated and easy to wrap, both options can be just as meaningful, thoughtful, and flavorful as a handmade basket.

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