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Holiday Tea for Holiday Celebrations and Traditions

On Thanksgiving, we told you how to make the most of your turkey day using tea. This year, some of the major winter holidays are even closer - with Hanukkah beginning on Christmas Eve and running until New Year's Eve. Whatever your family celebrates, we're confident that your time together can be even better if you add a little bit of tea. 


When pairing tea with a holiday centered around nighttime activities, like Hanukkah, look to caffeine-free options. We took a cue from classic Hanukkah foods when pairing tisanes with this Jewish celebration.

While enjoying your apple sauce-topped latkes, we suggest sipping on Apple Pie. This tisane is warm and comforting and includes a touch of ginger to help you digest your oil-heavy dinner. After dinner, if the family moves to play dreidel, pair your chocolate gelt with cocoa's best friend, mint. Pacific Coast Mint contributes similar tummy-soothing properties like ginger and works as a wonderful complement to luscious chocolate. 


Depending on your Christmas traditions, you'll want different teas to celebrate the holiday. On Christmas Eve, it's all about your bedtime. For families who attend midnight mass, but hope to head to sleep right after the service ends, we suggest White Winter Chai. This white tea steeps for a shorter time than a black tea, allowing less caffeine to make it to your cup. You'll get just enough energy to stay up late, but not enough to keep you wired for hours. If your family heads to bed early on Christmas Eve, go for a caffeine-free tisane like Sleep. Gentle chamomile will help put your kids to sleep so St. Nick can put presents under the tree.

Christmas morning, perk up with a sweet and minty holiday favorite. Dark Chocolate Peppermint is one of Art of Tea's most popular holiday teas, and for good reason. This pu-erh blend is a little earthy but finishes with bold chocolate and peppermint flavors. We suggest adding a splash of peppermint creamer (or even Bailey's) to add extra richness to your tea. 

New Year's Eve

Even though New Year's celebrates a new year of making better choices, it often becomes a night of heavy drinking. Prepare your body for the inevitable wave of champagne with our 3:00 PM blend. You'll get a small boost of energy from this green tea blend, but the real benefit is in this tea's botanicals, which can help protect your body from toxins. 

No matter what holiday you celebrate, one of the best parts of the season is the abundance of free time to spend with loved ones. Whether you travel together or just stay home, you'll have ample time to relax with family. We suggest checking out our guides to pairing both books and movies with tea. That way, you'll be enjoying great tea all holiday season long.

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