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Pairing Thanksgiving Holiday Tea

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and you're likely finalizing your plans, making your grocery shopping lists, and preparing for the big day. There are several classic components to Thanksgiving dinner, which means lots of room for tradition. This year, start a new Thanksgiving tradition and incorporate tea into your holidays and let "T-day" stand for "Tea-day."


Don't let anybody tell you that Thanksgiving festivities are reserved for the afternoon or evening. You can start expressing your thankfulness and spending time with family in the morning. Start your day brewing tea for loved ones.

Bright Eyed is a warm and cozy tisane that will wake you up without using caffeine. That means this tea is friendly for kids, too. Bright Eyed also contains turmeric and ginger. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, both ingredients benefit the digestive system, which makes this tea the perfect starting point for a day so closely tied to food and eating!

In the Kitchen

With multiple stove burners alight and the oven cranked up for hours on end, things will (literally) heat up in the kitchen. While this warmth might be a nice break for those in northern states, we're betting that most home chefs will want a fresh, cold refreshment while they prepare their Thanksgiving feast. 

Perk up your taste buds and get a boost of pre-meal energy with iced Hibiscus Cooler. The tart and fruity flavors will remind you of the cranberry sauce you'll surely be digging into later and the sweetness will keep you from sneaking bites of desserts as they come out of the oven. If you're only entertaining adults at your Thanksgiving dinner, consider making Hibiscus Cooler Sangria for your guests to enjoy. (Pro tip: Make this recipe early Thanksgiving morning or the night before! It needs to steep for 6 hours.)

With Your Meal

Thanksgiving dinner is full of strong flavors. From the sweet potatoes and creamy casseroles to the savory turkey with gravy, your taste buds will be bombarded with powerful and pleasant flavors. You'll need to choose your dinner tea wisely as many varieties of tea would simply be overpowered by all of the strong Thanksgiving flavors. We suggest sipping on Crimson Oolong with dinner. This oolong is strong and can hold its own against Thanksgiving flavors, but it also has a slight savory taste to it that would complement the rest of your meal. Crimson Oolong's bold flavor will also cut through the fattier Thanksgiving flavors, like your mac'n'cheese and buttery potatoes. We also love this tea for its intoxicating aroma. Take a moment during your meal to inhale its aroma and express gratitude for the meal before you. 

Ditch the Dessert

You've already consumed enough food to sustain you for days, but that pie is beckoning. Skip the pie, but don't skip the favor. This year, swap the pie for tea and try our Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie tisanes. Our teas are virtually calorie-free and don't have the added sugar you'd find in classic deserts. These two blends are caffeine-free, too, so they're perfect for drinking way into the evening. 

Of course, you can try adding any of our seasonal favorites to your Thanksgiving plans and you'll find that the flavors and aromas will only enhance the holiday cheer. 

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