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Plan Your Next Tea Party on World Party Day!

April 3rd is World Party Day, a celebration of celebrations around the globe. It also happens to be a Monday. If your work or school schedule is not conducive to throwing a shindig on a Monday night, use today to plan a future party, maybe even for this next weekend! 

Make Iced Tea the Star

Depending on where you live, you might already be enjoying warm weather. And what goes better with warm weather than iced tea? Celebrate the sun with an outdoor gathering and serve your guests refreshing Arnold Palmer's. If you've never made a proper Arnold Palmer, we can instruct you in the Art of Palmer, but don't be afraid of veering from our recipe! While a Classic Black iced tea is absolutely scrumptious as an Arnold Palmer, you can explore creating Palmers with other iced tea bases, too! Summer Peach's subtle sweetness pairs wonderfully with tart lemonade.

Throw a Tea Tasting Party

Elevate your tea party game and let your friends dive into the world of tea with a tea tasting party. Break out the spoons and pick out a few exciting teas to try. Start the party with a bold icebreaker of learning how to properly slurp your tea and end the evening with goody bags full of tea. Not only will your friends love tasting new and interesting teas, but they'll also appreciate learning how to properly taste tea. 

Do You Even Need to Host?

Don't forget that you can often find a tea party in your city. If you're looking for a more intimate affair (with way less effort!), look for a high tea service in your area. If you're in Los Angeles, you can find a decadent tea party at The Huntington or the Getty Villa. Put on a sundress or slacks, and break delicious bread with a group of friends. Attending a professional tea service is a bit pricier, but think about all the baking and cleanup you can skip!

Of course, if you're not one to break with tradition, a classic tea party is always a great idea. Set out tables and chairs in a nice outdoor setting and whip up the classic tea party fixings. We've made it simple with a guide to throwing a garden tea party. Even if you celebrate World Party Day a little late, you can still have a blast partying with tea!

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