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Tea and Tunes Part 2 - Celebration!

Celebrating a new job? Having friends and family over for a birthday kickback? Needing a mood boost? You have come to the right place. We have created the ultimate pairing for you: tea and tunes. Shake up your day with an energizing Matcha, get those speakers turned up, and let's get groovin'

Iced Tea Cocktails

Hosting a party and in need of a delightful mixer for your cocktails? Iced tea is the perfect cocktail or mocktail mixer as tea packs a lot of flavor without any calories. No need to pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming! When pairing your liquor with a tea, it helps to think about what the spirit is classically mixed with. For example, Gin is often mixed with citrus and tonic. Vodka pairs well with the tartness of cranberry. Rum goes well with mint. Using these three as an example, we can already craft awesome tea mixed drinks! Try pairing gin with iced London. The floral notes of lavender will pair well with the subtle juniper notes in gin, while the oil of bergamot gives the citrus kick you expect from a gin and tonic. For a vodka mixed drink, we suggest using iced Hibiscus Cooler. This tea is incredibly flavorful, with the hibiscus contributing tartness reminiscent of Vodka’s go-to partner, cranberry. Mimic a Mojito using iced tea to make a calorie-free rum cocktail that helps beat the heat. Brew iced Passionfruit Jasmine and add a splash of rum for the perfect, refreshing cocktail.

Mood Booster

If you're looking to bring a ray of sunshine to your senses and get yourself in the celebratory mood, Happy Tea is just the blend for you. Surely the name of this tea alone is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. Sometimes we get a little intertwined in our ordinary, everyday lives and could use a fresh perspective. So what better way to lift your spirits than to tantalize your palate with a cup of this organic, utopian bliss? Sweet raspberries are perfectly balanced by the tangy effervescence of fresh hibiscus flowers while the indulgent, floral scent of jasmine carries this slightly stimulating guayusa tea to a place that could only be described as 'Happy' with a capital 'H'! Enjoy this delightful tea on your own or in the company of close friends and loved ones. 

Celebratory Gifts

Heading to a celebration an in need of a gift (or two)? Art of Tea has the perfect collection of gift items for all! Whether it's a Tea of the Month subscription or a At Home Matcha Kit, we are certain you will find the perfect gift at Art of Tea

Whether you are mixing up iced tea cocktails, sipping on Happy Tea, or wrapping your perfect gift, keep this playlist bumping through your speakers for the ultimate celebratory vibes at any moment. 

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