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After Trick-Or-Treating Tea: The Best Relaxing Tea for Your Kids

Who doesn't love Halloween? It’s a great Autumn tradition and it's a blast for kids to dress up and go out in their neighborhood.

But let's not forget the candy! For kids, the idea of free treats is hard to resist. For adults, however, that inevitable sugar high turns kids into unruly little goblins, superheroes, and ballerinas.

The best way to calm them down is with the right cup of tea.

Your kids, however, probably don’t enjoy a relaxing cup of tea as much as you. But that’s alright — you can tell your little ones to enjoy a mug of tea along with their treats.

The Relaxing Choice

You already know the power of chamomile. It's what you drink when you need to relax, slow down, enjoy a quiet evening with a good book, or send yourself off to sleep. But with our Sleep Tea, you'll experience complex flavors that will gently nudge any child’s sugar high into yawns.

Also, because of its faint and relaxing flavor, it'll be sure to satisfy any palate. It's also easy to mix into other drinks (in case your kids aren’t fans of tea… yet). Mix it into juice or blend it with ice and add some berries for a treat that will quell any residual Halloween highs!

Seasonal Options

Keep the festivities going, if only for just a bit longer, with seasonal tisanes. Brew a cup of Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie for a treat that won't rile your little ones up.

Apple Pie a great replacement for a kid wanting to dig in on caramel apples or fruity candies. Serve Pumpkin Pie as is, or add some extra creaminess by making a child-friendly tea latte. Heat up milk or a milk alternative on the stove and add it to a mug of Pumpkin Pie tea. Top with sprinkles of ground cinnamon for an extra special "dessert" that won't keep your children up late.

Don't Just Serve Hot Tea

If you're in a warmer climate and you want to serve your tea cold, you can add fruit, frozen yogurt, or coconut milk and even freeze your tea into a popsicle! Just be sure not to add sugar — your kids already have enough sweets from their candy alone. Just be sure to prepare your popsicles the night before you plan on trick or treating so you're ready to serve them up when you get home from your night out!

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable days on the calendar. Make drinking tea part of your Halloween ritual and your kids will grow to love the tradition and get into the habit of enjoying tea almost as much as you do!

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