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Travel Hacks! Using Pyramid Teabags for Efficient Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel.

Did your blood pressure go up just reading that? One of the few terrible parts of the otherwise jolly holiday season is travel. The highways are slammed, the cab fares are surging, and the airport security line feels like a journey itself. Holiday travel comes with its own set of emotional baggage. (Pun intended.) You can use tea for the obvious (i.e.: giving you a caffeine boost and helping you de-stress), but you can use teabags for even more sanity-saving travel hacks! Here's how we put the teas in our Sampler Eco Pyramid Teabag box to work. 

Use Tea While You Pack

When storing your tea in your kitchen, you should always keep it in a sealed container away from fragrant foods. Why? Because tea absorbs odor! Use this to your advantage while packing. Don't stress about packing your gym shoes next to your clothes. Use English Breakfast to neutralize any odor by slipping them into each shoe. We like English Breakfast because it has the subtle tea aroma you love and the odor-absorbing properties of tea, but it won't introduce too many smells into your suitcase.

Drink Like Your In First Class

If you're not one of the fortunate few who makes it off the upgrade list, make your Economy seat feel like First Class. Pack Egyptian Chamomile, French Lemon Ginger, and Earl Grey Creme for your flight. If you need to take a snooze, ask your flight attendant for a cup of hot water, brew some Egyptian Chamomile and relax. If the small, pressurized cabin makes your stomach turn or always gives you a cold, try French Lemon Ginger. And, of course, if you need that kick of energy once you land, Earl Grey Creme is always a great choice!

Adapt to the Weather

For some, "White Christmas" refers to the glistening sand on tropical beaches, not blankets of snow. If that sounds like your holiday plans, don't forget the iced tea! You can bring your Green Pomegranate and White Coconut Creme with you to brew your own personal glass of paradise. Simply leave your teabag in a container of cool water overnight or hot brew your tea by following the instructions on the bag. Once it's steeped, just add ice and chill. 

Of course, you could just save the teabags for somebody else and give them as a gift! After all, this is the season for giving. 

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