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Use Tea to Make These Perfect DIY Beauty Gifts

Tea's a common go-to for relaxation. The process of brewing tea is relaxing, some teas and tisanes give you a calming feeling, and taking time for yourself is a great stress-buster. You can use tea to DIY your way to relaxation, too, with decadent beauty products. Better yet, make these easy recipes and gift relaxation to friends, family, and loved ones this holiday season.

Tea Bath Bombs

Fancy bath bombs are all the rage, but can run you up to $8 per deliciously-scented orb! Skip store-bought bath bombs this year and make your own. We love this green tea bath bomb recipe from Smells That Smile that would be even better with Art of Tea's Sencha. Don't limit yourself to green tea, though. White tea and black tea make for great bath bomb ingredients, too. Experiment with different teas and blends to get a bath bomb that smells just like your favorite cup of tea. You can also use spherical ice cube molds - or any large, shaped candy mold - to jazz up these perfect stocking stuffers.

Sugar Scrubs with Tea

At Art of Tea, we suggest that you don't add sugar to your tea. But we never said anything about adding tea to your sugar! Sugar scrubs are a fragrant and luxurious gift you can easily make, too. Packaged in adorable (and easy-to-decorate) jars, DIY sugar scrubs are the perfect project for a gift-giver with a giant list of friends and family. We suggest batch-making this simple green tea sugar scrub recipe from blogger Live Simply. Like the bath bombs, you can stick with green tea or explore other fragrances using different teas and tisanes. We think Hibiscus Cooler would make for a great sugar scrub base, too! 

Tea-Flavored Lip Balm

Finally, help your loved ones protect their lips in dry, wintry weather with lip balm made from your favorite teas. This recipe for Green Pomegranate lip balm from Great Contradictions can be batch-made, just like the sugar scrubs. One thing to note is that this recipe uses pre-bagged tea from the grocery store, which largely consists of fannings and brews differently. We suggest disregarding the suggested steep times in this recipe and relying on Art of Tea's steeping directions instead. That way, you'll avoid over-astringent or bitter flavors. If you're looking to mix up this recipe, try using White Coconut Creme instead of green tea. The coconut flavors will go perfectly with the coconut oil and our White Coconut Creme blend's fragrance is intoxicating!

Even if you decide to shop for gifts this year instead of taking the DIY-route, we highly suggest trying these recipes out yourself. You might find that the key ingredient to your favorite beauty project has been in your pantry all along!

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