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Wellness Rescue: Use These Teas to Survive the Holidays

The holidays can lift your heart, but run down your system. As you move through the season, you're likely indulging in more sweets, more alcohol, and more fatty foods. Not only that, but the holiday season is more social, meaning you're rubbing shoulders and sharing germs with more people than usual. Few things can dampen the holiday spirit like an upset stomach or a worn down immune system. Make sure you're taking care of yourself over the holidays so you can enjoy your time with loved ones. And should you find yourself riding shotgun on the struggle bus, here are a few teas to help you out.

The Issue: Pushing Your Stomach to Its Limit

Just like a kitchen sink, your stomach can take a beating when it's overloaded with bulky, high-fat foods. And like that same kitchen sink, your stomach could do with the addition of hot liquids. Oolongs were once referred to as a weight-loss tea not because it makes you lose weight, but because drinking any warm liquid can help with digestion. 

That being said, some teas are better for helping you through the holidays than others! Whether it be one-too-many oily latkes for Hanukkah or three-too-many heavily-iced Christmas cookies, over-indulgence can make your stomach less than jolly. For tummy issues throughout the holidays, try Soothe. Peppermint and chamomile join forces to calm down upset stomachs in this botanical blend. 

The Issue: Stressed Out and Can't Sleep

For a time that's supposed to be filled with joy, there sure are a lot of tedious tasks to attend to. The holidays mean cleaning the house, decorating the tree, wrapping the gifts, and preparing for guests. To-do lists are often longer than wishlists during this busy time! With so much to do, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. You may even lose sleep over the growing list of things that must be accomplished. 

Get your sleep schedule back on track with Sleep, a blend designed to help you, well... do the obvious. Sleep is a tasty tisane on its own. So much so that you'll wish you could drink it all the time without dozing off. The floral flavors are delightful, but it's the combination of botanical ingredients that make it the perfect tea to help you relax. 

Issues aside, you can use tea to make the most of your holidays. You can pair your teas to your holiday activities, use tea to make delicious holiday drinks, or just enjoy a cup of tea to have a moment for yourself!

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