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4 Teas to Get You Through April Showers

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. But they also bring chilly weather, grey skies, and general gloom. Treat Spring storms as an opportunity to enjoy your favorite inside activities, like reading, TV binging, cooking, baking, or spending time with family. We've picked the perfect teas to take care of your rainy day worries. 

Earl Grey Creme

If you're not a fan of rainy days and you're looking for a little comfort, look no further than our uber-cozy take on a tea classic. Earl Grey Creme is soothing with its familiar black tea and Bergamot flavors. However, we've upped the cozy ante adding silky French vanilla to make this blend taste and feel like a cup of Earl Grey with a splash of milk. Enjoy Earl Grey Creme with a freshly baked cookie and your favorite book.

Moroccan Mint

Similarly soothing and familiar is Moroccan Mint, a blend of Gunpowder green tea and mint. With subtly smokey flavors and crisp notes of mint, a cup of Moroccan Mint can become an experience on its own. Perfect for watching the rain through the window, or watching that new series on Netflix, Moroccan Mint is a great choice for anybody looking for comforting flavor and aroma. Grab a blanket and a warm mug of Moroccan Mint, and don't forget to take in the wonderfully refreshing and minty steam that comes off this cup.

Aztec Spice

Why enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day when you can enjoy the elevated, grown-up version? Aztec Spice takes the exciting flavors of Mexican Hot Chocolate and transforms it into a delicious tea. With dark chocolate, Pu-erh, and hot chili flakes, Aztec Spice can warm from within. Enjoy this unique blend while baking or cooking and get inspired by the unexpectedly excellent pairing of chocolate and chili. 

When the rains subside and the flowers come out, don't forget to prepare yourself for the onslaught of allergies! We have teas for that, too. And, if you're looking for teas for the rest of the season, be sure to check out our recommended teas for Spring. 

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