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8 Minute Digital Detox with Art of Tea

Why Digitally Detox?

As our lives have become consumed with technology, it is important to remember to take time for yourself. Research suggests that unplugging from devices, or taking a “digital detox,” can help improve quality of life by helping to reduce stress and anxiety, aid in sleep quality, increase productivity, and encourage feelings of happiness. Taking a break from screen time will help you connect with the world and people around you, and brewing your daily cup of tea is a perfect opportunity to digitally detox. Practicing this habitually, and forming a daily ritual around your tea routine, helps bring control and mindfulness to your day.

We invite you to take eight minutes out of your day to unplug and create a sense of ritual with tea. Follow along by downloading our digital detox guide here.

Why Eight?

The number eight is historically known as a number of good fortune, symbolizing unity and infinite prosperity. Just eight minutes of purpose-driven mindfulness can create powerful results like elevating your mood, increasing feelings of alertness, focusing your thoughts, and lowering stress levels.

Why Tea?

For centuries, people have enjoyed the benefits of tea, including its adaptogen-like qualities to cleanse the body. Research studies indicate that tea contains antioxidants called catechins that may help prevent certain illnesses and polyphenols that have been shown to aid in digestion. Tea also contains theanine which has been shown to reduce the anxiety causing effects of caffeine stimulation, helping you to focus and deepen your senses.

Tap in with Tea: 5 Step Ritual

  1. Hear the steam. Listen to the pour.
  2. Watch the steep. See the leaves unfurl.
  3. Hold the cup. Feel the warmth.
  4. Smell the brew. Sense the aroma.
  5. Taste your tea. Sip and enjoy.

It is important to reflect when incorporating any new ritual into your life. How did this help you? What adjustments or improvements might be necessary? How will you incorporate this into your daily routine? We hope that this digital detox guide helps add relaxation to your day and that you continue to develop your unique tea ritual. 

Additionally, if you're looking for a reminder to slow down and take time for your tea ritual, you can download our Digital Detox iPhone Wallpapers below:

Tea Time To Clear Your Mind Wallpaper V1

Tea Time to Clear Your Mind Wallpaper V2

Tea Time to Clear Your Mind Wallpaper V3

Digital Detox Wallpaper V1

Digital Detox Wallpaper V2

Digital Detox Wallpaper V3


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