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All About Your Matcha Whisk

One answer to great matcha is an authentic bamboo matcha whisk also known as a Chasen. This multi-prong whisk is used hand in hand with a ceremonial matcha bowl to enhance the matcha drinking experience, thus creating a smooth and frothy matcha tea drink. While we love our Matcha Shaker, if you're looking to establish an authentic routine with matcha, a ceremonial matcha bowl, and whisk is the way to go. 

Using a Matcha Whisk Holder

It is important to note that the care and storage of your matcha whisk are extremely important. When using a whisk, we believe that it is imperative to have a matcha whisk holder to keep the shape of your whisk while not in use. The tines of your whisk should be pointed down when placed on the whisk holder. This helps to keep the whisk from enclosing on itself.

Hand Washing

After using your whisk, gently hand wash the tines under hot water removing all matcha remnants, pat dry, and immediately place on your whisk holder. Placing in the dishwasher is never required for your whisk and we recommend only sticking to handwashing! 

Prepare Matcha With a Whisk

Below are our top tips for whisking the best cup of matcha:

  1. Preheat the tea bowl with boiling water. Moisten the chasen (tea whisk) and discard hot water. 
  2. Use 1 Matchastick and add approximately two ounces of hot water (not boiling!) to make a concentrate. 
  3. Hold the bowl firmly with one hand and quickly whisk with the chasen straight forward and back to form frothy bubbles. Similar to an M or W shape.
  4. Whisk the matcha well and break up any small lumps with the tip of your whisk. This assures the most optimal flavor and a smooth and creamy texture. 
  5. Lightly whisk the top of the foam to break up large bubbles. Whisk once more and remove the whisk from the middle to form a peak in the middle of the foam.
  6. Pour your matcha concentrate over ice and water or your favorite milk or milk alternative. Or, add to hot water or hot milk for a hot beverage.

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