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Art of Tea CEO Steve Schwartz In The Media

Art of Tea’s CEO, Founder, and Master Blender, Steve Schwartz, has been featured on several amazing podcasts. We are so excited to share them with you and hope that you are able to tune in, learn a thing or two, and enjoy! 

Breakthrough Builders

A Moment for Tea: Steve Schwartz 

Breakthrough Builders is a podcast hosted by Jesse Purewal that highlights revolutionary products, brands, and leaders. The show allows some of the world’s most accomplished and brilliant minds to share their personal and professional experiences to help inspire listeners. 

This episode dives into Steve’s background and what led him down his current path. It also shines light upon how Art of Tea has grown since it was founded and how it has adapted during the pandemic. Listen, learn, and have your own breakthrough today! 

Story of a Brand

Art of Tea - A Backpack and a Mission‪ ‬- Part 1

Art of Tea - Making the Perfect Cup of Tea‬ - Part 2

The Story of a Brand Podcast explores who is behind our favorite e-commerce companies to uncover what matters to consumers and why people connect with certain brands. 

Part 1 of this podcast focuses on Steve’s story, why tea is so important to him, and what starting and growing Art of Tea was like. Part 2 focuses more on the actual process and science behind making and blending tea and how important each step is. These episodes are entertaining and educational, so we hope you enjoy and learn something new!

Looking Up Podcast

The Art of Tea with Master Tea Blender Steve Schwart‪z‬ 

Looking Up, hosted by Dr. Deepika Chopra, highlights Steve’s studies in Ayurveda, and what fueled his passion for tea. This episode explores several different themes including healing, resiliency, passion, rituals, mindfulness, and tea. Take a listen today!

Athleisure Kitchen

Athleisure Kitchen with Founder of Art of Tea Steve Schwartz‬

Athleisure Kitchen is a podcast that celebrates the world of food and what goes into building some of our favorite culinary brands. 

This episode is about Steve’s personal and professional journey, how he broke into the industry, what went into building Art of Tea, and the importance of ritual. Sick back, relax, and enjoy!

Fork in the Road

Combatting COVID Stress and Anxiety Through the Art of Tea‬

Fork in the Road is a show about the future of the food industry hosted by Krista Simmons. Each episode explores different brands, trends, tastemakers, and more. 

This episode explores the value of including tea in your stress-reducing rituals and how we can use it to stay sane and grounded during the pandemic. Happy listening!


Building a Culture-First Company: Steve Schwartz, founder of The Art of Tea‬

FULL COMP, a weekly podcast hosted by Michelin-rated restaurateur Josh Kopel, is all about the hospitality industry. It aims to arm listeners with whatever they need to be successful in a post-pandemic world.

This episode is about the mission and intention behind Art of Tea and what the company was built on. Learn more about the core values and culture that have made Art of Tea what it is today. 

Food, Wine, & the Culinary Mind

Steve Schwart‪z‬

Food, Wine, & the Culinary Mind, hosted by chef and restaurateur Mat Schuster, is all about bringing attention to some of the biggest innovators in the industry.  

This episode is all about what goes into creating and blending the perfect cup. Enjoy!

Marni on the Move

Steve Schwartz Founder & CEO, Art of Tea, On Blending Ayurveda, Tea & Career

Marni on the Move is a weekly podcast hosted by Marni Salup that explores business, fitness, wellness, and how all of these things come together. 

In this episode, Steve shares his knowledge about Ayurveda, tea, and how the two come together. Steve delves into his experience and advice about following your passion, being mindful, and living life to the fullest.

On the Pass

Steve Schwartz: Activating The “Tea Mind”

Hosted by Gabriel Ornelas, On The Pass serves up inspiring conversations with dynamic figures in the food, beverage, hospitality, and travel space.

“Tea mind,” as referenced by Steve Schwartz, is the simple, celebratory act of serving tea and has well-documented, powerful health and wellness benefits on a physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional level. Over the years, researchers have discovered how the ingredients in a cup of tea can lift mood, improve focus, and perhaps even ward off depression and dementia.  The combination of this simple act paired with quality ingredients lends itself to a 360 welness experience.   Master Tea Blender and Founder and CEO of Art of Tea, Steve Schwartz, in large part, has based his career on his belief in the powerful benefits of tea and is on a mission to impact as many lives as possible through tea.  

We hope that you enjoy and learn something new about Steve, Art of Tea, and the importance of a truly delicious, soothing, and warming cup of tea!

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