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Best Teas to Drink According to Your New Year Resolution

New year, new you, that’s what they say, right? As time flies by, the mile marker of each new year gives us a chance to reflect on where we’ve come from, what we’ve learned, and where we’re going. We realize why rituals are so important, from yearly holidays to daily meditations, as they help us set intentions in our lives. At Art of Tea, we believe tea is all about intention, from the moment you choose a high-quality, organic blend, to the moment you take a sip and set goals for your day. Find out which tea in our collection perfectly complements your New Year’s resolution or makes a great gift for the tea lover in your life!

Victory Over Vices

The New Year helps us reevaluate our relationship with certain substances in our lives. Many people give up alcohol for “dry January,” many finally quit smoking cigarettes, and for some, it’s even time to question caffeine dependence. If this is you, explore the bold flavors in our Caffeine-Free Collection. We recommend Bright Eyed for a completely caffeine-free boost of energy.

Health and Beauty

If your New Year’s resolution is a commitment to health, body, and mind, our Wellness Collection marches to the same beat. Our Feel Better tea promotes healing with echinacea, while our Glow tea helps detox the skin.

Minimalist Mentality

Minimalism is not about scarcity but about appreciating the rich detail and meaning present in simplicity. This is the definition of our Single Origin Collection, which brings you deep and complex flavor from a single source, like our Silver Needle Tea, only harvested a few days each year.

Treat Yourself

If your resolution is to enjoy the sweet side of life, may we present the Dessert Collection? If you’re looking to lose weight, these teas are a great way to replace more calorie-dense sweets with something much lighter but just as indulgent. Our Crème Brûlée blend is a fan favorite.

Slow Down

As life speeds up and our world buzzes with digital activity, mindfulness is more important than ever. Our Ritual Collection highlights the meditative quality of steeping and drinking tea with intention. Take a quiet moment to reflect with our Earl Grey Creme set, complete with coconut wax candle and cloth-cover journal.

Reward Yourself With a Monthly Tea Subscription!

Take an extensive journey through our collections by joining our Tea of the Month Club. Choose your selection based on your curiosity and preferences. Selections include Classic - a monthly dose of our beloved classic blends, Explore - a journey through places and the teas that evoke them, and many more. Take our tea quiz to find out where your tea journey begins.


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