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Find Your Own Happy Hour

The term "happy hour" usually inspires thoughts of discounted drinks and appetizers, coworkers gathered around a high-top table, or a group of friends meeting up for drinks. It's often that set time of 5 to 7 pm when things are a little bit cheaper and you can wind down from work. 

Why follow that strict idea of Happy Hour, though. We believe Happy Hour is what you make it and you can throw your own Happy Hour whenever you want. If the traditional "Happy Hour" is two hours, yours doesn't need even need to be one. Happy Hour can just be a time you set aside for yourself to do what the name implies: Be happy.

Pick a Time

There's no "set time" for Happy Hour. And if we're switching discounted booze and food for low-key relaxation and a cup of tea, we can make Happy Hour whenever we want. Start small and pick a one hour slot once a week. Maybe it's Thursday after work or Monday right when you wake up. Set aside one hour to drink tea, relax, and be happy. If an hour is too big of a time commitment, try half an hour or fifteen minutes. If you're really loving taking time for yourself, make it a part of your everyday routine. Enjoy a cup of tea every morning or take a 15-minute break mid-afternoon to clear your mind at work. 

Take a Moment for Yourself

Mark the time you've chosen off in your calendar and keep the appointment. Even the brewing process can be soothing. Put away your phone, tablet, and computer and just chill out as you wait for your tea to steep. Don't answer phone calls, don't check emails, and don't check social media - though we know how tempting that can be. At first, you might feel uncomfortable with the absence of distractions, but it's always worth it to spend a little time with yourself doing something you enjoy. Maybe you can read a book you love while you drink your tea. Maybe you can meditate, journal, or just relax. 

Pick the Tea

Here's the easy part. Pick the tea that brings you the most joy. Maybe you love Earl Grey Creme. (You're in good company. It's one of our most popular teas.) Or maybe you like soothing Egyptian Chamomile. Pick the tea that feels right to you that day. We suggest trying Happy or Feel Better on the days when you need extra perking up. Both have raspberry bits and other mood-enhancing ingredients that will cheer up your taste buds and you! We also recommend enjoying dessert teas for an extra-comforting cup. Velvet Tea and Vanilla Berry Truffle both have subtle, uplifting notes of chocolate.

Even taking the steps of deciding to set aside a "Happy Hour" for yourself is a stride in the right direction. Soon, you'll look forward to your time alone and it'll become an exciting and rewarding part of your weekly routine. 

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