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Four More Favorites from the Art of Tea Tea'm

We love sharing our favorite teas with the Art of Tea community. Our office is fully immersed in tea culture. We regularly have group tea tastings, we enjoy a Tea of the Day every day, and we're always trying out new recipes to share with our customers. Nobody is more immersed in tea than our production team, though! Our production staff hand-blends and hand-packs every single order that goes through Art of Tea, so they're constantly surrounded by the aromas and textures of our teas. With that much exposure, they've really developed deep understandings of which teas they love most. Here's what they recommend.

A.J. Loves Halo

If you've ever purchased something from our retail website, there's a good chance A.J. helped get your package to you! A.J. helps pack and put together retail orders so they can ship out to our loyal retail customers. His favorite tea is Halo, a unique blooming tea with lots to love. Halo isn't just a delicious blend of white tea, Jasmine, and Amaranth flowers. It's also a beautiful centerpiece to your tea ritual. As you pour hot water over the Halo bulb, it begins to open, revealing a gorgeous pink flower within. Brew Halo in a clear vessel for the best view of the bloom. 

Maria Loves French Lemon Ginger

Maria plays a large role in our retail orders, too. She's also the keeper of Art of Tea samples, making sure there are samples of every tea we carry available for customers like you! While Maria says she enjoys a good cup of Earl Grey, her favorite tea is French Lemon Ginger. As we get further into allergy season, you might find that French Lemon Ginger is your new favorite tea, too. With spicy and citrusy flavors and caffeine-free Rooibos base, French Lemon Ginger is scrumptious and soothing. 

Alex Loves White Coconut Creme

If there's anybody who knows the teas inside and out, it's Alex, our master blender. He's the one who makes sure the production team strikes the perfect balance of ingredients going into blends. It's not a surprise that his favorite tea is one of our most beloved blends: White Coconut Creme. With sweet chunks of coconut over a White Peony base, White Coconut Creme delivers creamy, tropical goodness! Even as the weather heats up, it's a good idea to keep White Coconut Creme on your shelf. As amazing as this Classic Collection favorite is hot, it's arguably better iced!

David Loves Caramelized Pear

We'd be remiss if we didn't give the head of our production team a chance to share his favorite tea! Like Maria, David's favorite tea is a tisane with a sweet, honey Rooibos base. Caramelized Pear is unique in that it creates a warm pear pie flavor when served hot. Dessert teas like Caramelized Pear deliver the familiar sweet flavors of your favorite desserts without the added sugar and calories. 

Next time you open an order from Art of Tea, we hope you'll think of the production team that lovingly put it all together! Maybe even have a cup of one of their favorite teas in their honor! You could discover a new favorite of your own. 

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