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Get Ready For International Yoga Day with Tea!

Tea and yoga are a natural pairing. Both involve some sort of ritual and have a calming quality. But what about before you unroll your mat? We have a few suggested teas for you to drink before you head to the studio. 

Perfect for Any Practice

No matter the type of yoga, you can't go wrong starting off your day with a Matcha smoothie. Matcha gives a more powerful caffeine punch than loose leaf green tea, which means you'll have plenty of energy for even the trickiest of yoga classes. We suggest taking it easy with the matcha, adding less than a teaspoon of the powdered green tea to your everyday smoothie. We also recommend giving yourself time to digest your smoothie before hitting the mat. Enjoying your smoothie about two hours before class should help you process your smoothie properly!

Bikram , Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga

For movement-heavy yoga practice that will most definitely break a sweat, you'll want to prepare properly. Our Endurance blend is a popular hot tea, but it's great served iced, too. This Wellness blend's adaptogenic herbs help promote stamina and will help you recover from a challenging class. With Pu-erh, cinnamon, and goji berries, this tea has an awesome flavor profile, too. 

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Yin yoga and restorative yoga both involve fewer asanas, or positions, but for long stretches of time. These calmer (but in no way easier!) practices deserve a tea that's just as soothing, relaxing, and calming. For this reason, we're recommending a cup of Soothe before you head to the yoga studio. Chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, and fennel mingle for a sweet and tranquil blend that will help you clear your mind and soothe your soul. 

Exploring the Wellness collection for even more blends that have been designed with Ayurvedic principles in mind to help you feel your best. And whichever tea you choose, how a blissful and productive International Yoga Day!

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