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Honeysticks: The One Tea Hack Everyone Should Try

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of your favorite tea. If you had a hard day at work, you can drink tea to unwind; if it’s a cold winter day, you can drink a cup of tea to warm up; and if you’re feeling under the weather, a warm cup of tea can help to soothe your body.

But you can still add another dimension to your cup of tea.

Honey has long been a popular add-on to tea. It adds a gentle sweetness and is believed to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. (Honey has even historically been used as an antiseptic in wound healing.)

But who wants to drag around a container of honey whenever they want to have some tea? Instead, it’s time you started using honeysticks — they’re the single tea hack that every tea drinker should know and try. Here’s why:

  • Honeysticks are portable. Honeysticks are small, slim straw sticks that you can stash anywhere; you can put them in the pocket of your purse, in the glove box of your car, or your desk drawer at work.
  • Honeysticks are mess-free. These convenient little sticks of yumminess are so easy to use: All you have to do is bite off the tip of the stick and stir it into your tea. No mess, no spills, and no dirty spoons. When you’re done squeezing it into the cup of tea, simply throw the straw away. There’s nothing left to clean, and you’ll be free of sticky fingers.
  • Honeysticks help you stick to your diet. Honey is a healthy, natural sweetener, but like any other source of sugar, overeating will tip the scales. The great thing with honeysticks, however, is that you have automatic portion control: Each straw contains about a teaspoon of honey, which is the perfect amount of sweetness for your tea. (One teaspoon of honey only has about 20 calories, so it won’t mess up your diet.)

Go ahead and add a little sweetness to your soothing and relaxing tea breaks — when you can get some time to yourself and peace of mind — and feel satisfied knowing you are getting the highest quality, 100% Grade A honey.


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