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Host A Virtual Tea Party

As we adjust to the new normal of virtual hangouts during this time of Safer at Home it’s time to bring some of our favorite in-person activities to the web. Now that your book club and your fitness is through online portals, we are here to offer some tips and tricks to host a virtual tea party. Get a cuppa ready and let’s dive in! 


From Zoom to Facetime, there is a multitude of virtual hangout options available! You might even choose to go live on Instagram so that you can be the guide while everyone watching you follows along. If you’re looking for more interaction we suggest you utilize apps like Houseparty or even Google Hangouts! Make sure you communicate with your fellow tea party participants the time and *place* in advance so everyone can prepare what they are “bringing to the table”.

What to Bring

Make sure you and your party participants are prepared to sip with you! Perhaps encourage them to purchase our Loose Leaf Starter Kit so that you all can be sipping the same teas together (Psst! For a limited time use code GETSTARTED for 50% off! + Free Shipping!). Be sure to dig out your favorite teapot and cup and have your hot water ready to pour by the time the party starts so that you can all steep together! 

Food Pairings

What’s a tea party without some food pairings? Perhaps one friend can send everyone a recipe in advance of the party so all have a chance to prepare the dish before signing in. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the recipes we have on our Pinterest

Hosting Tips

Whether you want to dive into all things Tea or just chat about the weather, tea parties are a great time to connect with loved ones. Perhaps you can start a virtual book club and talk about your recent chapter reading during each tea party. Not much of a reader? Start a TV show or movie club and send out the film in advance to watch and use your tea party time to sip and discuss.

Connecting with Loved Ones

Connection is so important. Though in-person connection is not accessible at this time to most, we encourage you to virtually connect with a loved one daily. Be well.  


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