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How Much Tea Should I Drink a Day?

To reap the health benefits of tea, you should be consistent and drink your tea daily. On top of this, depending on your lifestyle and overall health, or if you are trying to lose weight or manage a chronic condition, you may want to drink more than one cup per day. At Art of Tea, we want to help all of our customers live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their health and wellness goals with tea. Additionally, we always recommend you consult your primary care physician to confirm any dietary restrictions, conditions, or regimens.

General Health Benefits to Accompany a Healthy Lifestyle

If you believe you already live a lifestyle of health and wellness, but want to give yourself a boost, we recommend drinking 1-2 cups of tea daily. Normally, this is a cup in the morning and a cup in the afternoon or evening. All tea leaves have health benefits for the body, so the most important thing is to find flavors that you enjoy and love.

How Many Cups of Tea a Day to Boost Your Metabolism

Many people are interested in drinking tea for boosting their metabolism which has been shown to contribute to weight loss. Green Tea is most often used for this objective because of its catechin ECGg, a powerful antioxidant. There are varying opinions on the exact amount individuals should consume to assist with weight loss goals, but to get the full benefits, it is recommended that you drink 3-5 cups of green tea (or matcha) a day. Research has shown that over a 3 month period of drinking daily Green Tea, most individuals experienced weight loss. It's important to note that Green Tea does contain caffeine and if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience the tea’s benefits and side effects. We recommend not drinking Green Tea late in the evening, especially if you are sensitive to it.

Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Tea

Although it is unclear exactly how much tea would be too much tea, many experts argue that 10 cups of tea a day or more is too much. In fact, drinking too much tea can reduce your iron absorption, increase anxiety and stress due to excessive caffeine, cause poor sleep patterns, increase stomach issues including nausea, cause headaches and heartburn, be dangerous for pregnant women, and create a caffeine dependency. The bottom line is, if you are new to tea, start slow. Begin with one or two cups of tea a day and build your way up to a level that is best suited for you.

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