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How to Prevent Teeth Stains From Tea?

At the Art of Tea, we are passionate about the amazing health benefits of tea, how it tastes, and how it makes us feel. One effect that we are not too excited about is the fact that tea can stain teeth. In fact, tea has a high tannin content which can cause our teeth to look darker in color and stained. On the surface of our teeth, we all have small ridges that can easily be filled and stained making our teeth darker in appearance. The good news is, you can prevent teeth staining from tea with a few easy habits as well as drinking certain teas that do not cause staining.

Preventing Teeth Stains with Tea

If you enjoy mostly dark and black teas, you probably have already experienced some minor staining. Don’t worry, we will never ask you to give up your black tea, we understand how important our favorite teas are. Instead, the Art of Tea recommends following these steps to prevent teeth staining after enjoying a cup of tea:

  • Preventing Teeth Stains with TeaDrink a glass of water after a cup of tea to lessen any staining
  • Buy a quality toothbrush or electric toothbrush to get into the ridges on the surface of your teeth and remove the tea stains
  • Use an antimicrobial toothpaste
  • Avoid any type of tobacco use as it can exacerbate staining

These easy habits may help you eliminate or prevent teeth staining from tea. If you’d like to take it a step further, try drinking teas that do not cause tooth staining.

Best Tea to Prevent Teeth Stains

The basic rule with tea is the lighter the tea, the less staining it will cause. If you are an avid black tea drinker, try making a light brew to lessen the staining potential or add your favorite type of milk to make the tea lighter. You can also try drinking white tea or lighter green teas which cause little to no staining at all. We encourage you to try one of our amazing and soothing white teas and our cleansing green teas.

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