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Is Earl Grey Tea Good for You?

High quality tea is more than just a drink to tea lovers, it’s more like a fragrant and delicate potion whose mysterious properties inspire relaxation, energy, and inspiration in quiet moments. At Art of Tea, we believe in this type of tea magic, but we also know that the benefits of tea drinking go beyond the mental and can have a positive impact on the physical. One of our favorites is Earl Grey Tea which you can find in our classic collection.

What is Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is typically a blend of black tea leaves and oil of bergamot. The oil of bergamot is taken from the rind of a bergamot orange, creating a rich and warming citrus kick. At Art of Tea, we offer a few variations of the beloved Earl Grey tea that we are very proud of. Try Earl Grey Crème tea if you gravitate towards creamier and richer blends as this one has vanilla, and Big Sur tea if you like refreshing notes of mint in your tea.

As a baseline, tea is hydrating just like water, unlike coffee which can dehydrate the body. Drinking tea is also known to reduce stress and give you a boost throughout the day, with unsweetened tea being a zero calorie, gluten free drink. Earl Grey tea, specifically, contains low concentrations of iron, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, and folic acid, all of which have been known to benefit the body.

Health Benefits of Earl Grey

Some studies have linked the regular consumption of Earl Grey tea with some positive health effects. The key ingredients at play are the antioxidants in black tea and bergamot oil.

Healthy Heart

Bergamot oil contains flavonoids which have been shown to lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting cholesterol-producing enzymes. Black tea, on the other hand, may lower blood pressure. Combine the two and your cup of Earl Grey is probably doing your cardiovascular system a favor.

Supports Weight Loss and Digestion

The polyphenols in black tea may be useful as a weight loss aid, as they inhibit lipid digestion and promote fat metabolism. The flavonoids in bergamot have been shown to reduce inflammation in mice with a type of inflammatory bowel disease, as well as fighting the bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers.

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At Art of Tea, we are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality hand blended teas, specialty made with organic ingredients, and we have several different Earl Grey blends that we know you will love. Try one today, or take the tea quiz to find your perfect match.


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