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Participate in Matcha Matches to Support Gift of Life Marrow Registry

Art of Tea's annual Matcha Matches campaign is our effort to support Gift of Life Marrow Registry in their mission to cure blood cancer through marrow and stem cell donation. We've pledged 5% of all of our Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tin sales to Gift of Life Marrow Registry in 2024. If you've ever thought about trying Matcha, now is the time to act. Make sure your Matcha purchase doesn't just taste good, but that it does good, too!

Here are 5 reasons that you should participate in Matcha Matches this year.

1. You already wanted Matcha. 

Even if following trends aren't your thing, it's impossible to ignore the rise of Matcha. It's popping up in your favorite coffee chains. It's even in KitKat bars overseas. With its wildly brilliant green hue and skyrocketing popularity, Matcha's pretty tempting. If you've never tried, but have always wanted to, skip the coffee shops and go for the good stuff. (And, of course, help a great cause while you're at it.)

2. Your mornings could use a little help.

If you've never been a coffee drinker, but you're envious of the morning boost your coffee-drinking coworkers enjoy, Matcha is the perfect morning tea for you. Matcha is ground up green tea leaves, while a cup of green tea is just the extraction of soaked green tea leaves. When you drink whole, ground leaves in the form of Matcha, you're getting all of the nutrients and caffeine. But, like other green teas, you'll get a different buzz from Matcha than you would coffee. Most people find that Matcha gives sustained energy without the jitters of coffee. Bonus: You can always toss it in your overnight oats, chia pudding, or smoothie for hidden energy! 

3. So many baking possibilities...

Because Matcha is a powder, it's a perfect dry ingredient for baked goods and other culinary delights. Like the cocoa powder, it can be added to lend a unique and delicious flavor to many recipes. From the sweet, like donuts and cake, to the savory, like chicken salad and gnocchi. Even if you're not the tea drinker of the house, it's nice to have a supply of Matcha in your pantry for those times when a recipe calls for a little bit of green tea pizzazz. 

4. It packs a healthy punch.

Like we mentioned before, Matcha contributes a lot more of the goodness in green tea because drinking Matcha is consuming the entire leaf, not just the extraction of oils. We're not saying Matcha will solve all of your health problems or create world peace, but it will give you more of the same health benefits of green tea. You can read all of the potential health benefits of Matcha in our Complete Guide to Matcha. 

5. Helping Gift of Life Marrow Registry feels awesome!

As great as it feels having a delicious cup of Matcha, knowing that you're giving back feels even better. Gift of Life works tirelessly to build their registry of potential marrow donors. From fundraising events to donor drives, Gift of Life puts in a great deal of effort in the fight against blood cancers. Drink your morning Matcha with pride knowing that you helped them with these efforts.

You can also join the Gift of Life registry. All it takes is a cheek swab, and perhaps one day, your stem cell or bone marrow donation could save a life. 

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