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Best Teas to Avoid Seasonal Sickness

Oh, Fall. As wonderful as the changing colors of the leaves and sitting in front of the fire with your favorite cup of tea might be, things can definitely take a turn when that chill up your spine turns into the achy flu or congestion filled cold. If you're already noticing a slight dip in your well-being now is the time to start some preventative measures to stay healthy. This season, use tea to fight back and make it through the fall and winter seasons with your health intact. 

French Lemon Ginger

When you're looking for teas to give you a boost on a sick day, what do you normally add? Lemon, ginger, and honey. With French Lemon Ginger, we've taken care of the add-ins for you. With sweet rooibos and honeybush as a base and bits of ginger, lemongrass, and lemon verbena, French Lemon Ginger is the easiest way to get your uplifting cup of tea. 

French Lemon Ginger, like all of the "teas" in this blog, is actually a tisane. It's caffeine-free and won't stop you from getting that much-needed rest. Bonus: French Lemon Ginger is available in our eco-friendly single-serve pyramid sachets.

Throat Therapy

If your throat is in need of some extra TLC, trust Throat Therapy to soothe you. Hot tea, in general, can do wonders for a sore or scratchy throat. The combination of ginger, mint, and clove give Throat Therapy a spicy and comforting taste. The echinacea helps heal and soothe. 

You can never have too much Throat Therapy so be sure to stock up for the season.

Feel Better

Feel Better isn't just named for its effect on people bogged down by seasonal illnesses. We call it Feel Better because it also aids in you feeling better emotionally, too. The robust mix of spices and berries makes Feel Better an unexpected flavorful sip. You'll be surprised when you read the ingredients on this one (hint: raspberries and chili pepper?!). 

Even if you opt for a different tea or tisane from Art of Tea, you'll feel comforted by taking the time to sip any of our blends. And as coughing surrounds you and sickness is in the air, now is the time to stock up on all of your tea favorites.

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