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Popular Quarantine Drink Trends with Tea

COVID-19 has forced us all to be in quarantine for far too long. We understand how boring and lonely it can get, so to brighten up your day, try some of the newest quarantine tea drink trends! Thankfully, throughout the pandemic, TikTok has been readily available with the next recipe to try. Why not mix up your afternoon cup of tea with one of these new recipes below?

Hot Tea Bombs

Maybe you heard of the “hot chocolate bombs'' that were popular a few months ago, but if those weren't your thing, maybe the tea bomb is for you! It is exactly what it sounds like: a small sugar bomb or shell with tea inside. After making your tea bomb, you simply put hot water over the bomb and the sugar dissolves to expose the tea.

The tea bomb is normally made out of isomalt, a sugar substitute, that will harden like a small bubble or ball. Once you’ve made the shell, the tea inside is completely up to you. You can put an entire tea bag inside the bomb, fill it with loose leaf tea, use powdered matcha for a latte, or use edible flowers, it’s really up to you!

How to Make a Tea Bomb

The most difficult part of the tea bomb is making the isomalt shell. The best way to do it is to melt the desired amount of isomalt in the microwave (in a microwave-safe container, like a glass bowl or cup) or on the stove. Once fully melted, put the isomalt into a spherical mold cavity, ensuring that the isomalt is pushed up against the entire mold. You can use a spoon to do this step.

Place the molds in the freezer and wait until they are fully hardened, about 5-10 minutes. When the molds are hard, you can go ahead and pop the isomalt shell out of the mold and choose your favorite tea bag, loose leaf tea, or edible flowers. Last but not least, warm up a pan and place the isomalt in the pan to slightly melt the edges of the half-circle. Once melted, quickly stick it together with another half circle (remember to put your tea inside!) and you’ll have your finished tea bomb!

You can try a combination tea bomb/hot chocolate bomb to make a matcha white chocolate latte as well. Simply follow the same process above with white chocolate for the shell and fill the inside with a matcha truffle that can be made out of matcha powder, cream, and white chocolate. You will love this option as an after-dinner treat!

Quarantine Tea Cocktails

Don’t love the idea of making isomalt tea bombs? No worries, try a tea cocktail instead! Our personal favorite is a lemon and ginger tea cocktail. Simply add 1 cup of lemon ginger tea (or your favorite tea!), 1 small thumb of ginger, 1 tsp cane sugar, ½ tsp matcha powder, the juice from half a lime, and a handful of ice cubes. This tea cocktail will brighten up any quarantine situation. Want even more fun? Change this mocktail into a real cocktail with one shot of vodka or gin (or your preferred liquor). The possibilities are endless with tea!

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