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Potential Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Introduction To Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea believed to have originated in China that has been consumed for thousands of years. Recently, you may have noticed it at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or even at the local bar! So what is this trendy drink and is it worth all of the hype?

Kombucha is, in simplest terms, some combination of fermented tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. To make kombucha, you ferment sweetened green or black tea with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, otherwise known as SCOBY. As the tea ferments, the yeast breaks down the sugar, thereby creating probiotic bacteria. This results in a carbonated drink that is slightly sweet, slightly sour, and incredibly trendy. In recent years, people have started using kombucha as a healthful alternative to other sugary drinks on the market. This is largely in part to the many potential health benefits associated with drinking kombucha.

Top 5 Potential Health Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is rich in probiotics which have been known to boost gut health.

All fermented foods are known to be good sources of probiotics, a combination of “good” live bacteria and yeasts that naturally occur in the body. Probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria which may improve digestion, decrease inflammation, boost metabolic functioning, and more. Gut health is linked to overall wellness, so adding kombucha to your diet may be beneficial.

Drinking kombucha can help you hydrate and recover after a workout.

When you sweat during a workout, you lose electrolytes, thereby increasing your risk of becoming dehydrated. Because kombucha contains naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes, it is a great post-workout drink that can help your body refuel and repair. Additionally, because kombucha is a form of tea and tea is 98% water, drinking kombucha can help you hit your daily hydration goals.

Kombucha has been known to have a high antioxidant concentration.

Because kombucha is made from tea which is naturally high in antioxidants, you can get similar health benefits from consuming kombucha. Research shows that antioxidants may help the body fight off free radicals, which has been linked to improving bodily function and reducing inflammation that is associated with disease, depression, and dull skin.

Drinking kombucha may give you a natural energy boost.

Since kombucha is brewed with true teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant, all kombucha contains some caffeine, although the caffeine content in kombucha is significantly less than that of a cup of tea. That said, caffeine from tea has been known to provide clear and focused energy without the crash, jitters, or negative side effects associated with drinking too much coffee. Additionally, kombucha is a good source of iron and B vitamins that have been linked to helping boost energy and fighting fatigue.

Kombucha is an all-natural and delicious alternative to commercially-found sodas.

Swapping your soda out for kombucha may help reduce your overall caloric intake. Since kombucha is made from whole, natural ingredients, it is a much healthier alternative to sodas and energy drinks made with synthetic sweeteners. Create healthier habits by opting for a kombucha the next time you’re craving a soda and feel the difference for yourself!