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Resolution Check-In

How are your New Years' resolutions going? We are officially at the end of January and we are here to say that if you haven't joined that gym or if you are still not drinking the copious amounts of water you wish you were....it's okay. Every day holds a new opportunity to start over which means it doesn't have to be January 1st to set a new intention for yourself! This year we've decided to make our resolutions a smidge easier by centering our goals around drinking more tea. 

Start Your Day with Matcha

Just because it's the new year doesn't mean we still don't need that morning caffeine kick. Many people turn to coffee drinks filled with syrups and sugars while others turn to their trusty canned energy drink. We are here to step in and offer a quick and healthy caffeine solution! Pre-measured and packed into light and heat resistant sticks, Matchasticks make sipping your morning matcha easy and speedy. Matcha has the same caffeine content as coffee, but gives a longer, more even-headed caffeine buzz. If you’re newer to drinking matcha don't fear as we have made it super simple to consume. You don’t need a matcha whisk or matcha bowl to enjoy Matchasticks. All you need to make Matchasticks is a shaker bottle, like this one, and some filtered water (and maybe ice if you like your drink extra chilled!). If you’re a matcha veteran, you will love our Matchasticks' freshness because it is ground and packed at the origin in Japan and immediately stored in a freezer to lock in the ultimate freshness.  

Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings with Tea

Most people love a good post-dinner treat (and so do we)! After tonight's meal, try reaching for a hot dessert tea instead of the box of cookies! Our dessert teas are the perfect substitute for any after-dinner splurge plus having a warm beverage after a meal has been known to aid in digestion (added bonus!). 

If you are a savory dessert lover try Aztec Spice or Dark Chocolate Peppermint. If you are a fruity dessert lover be sure to check out our Vanilla Berry Truffle, Velvet, or Maui. If you are caffeine sensitive make sure to opt-in for one of our herbal blends! 

Pro Tip: If you still are craving that cookie, pair it with your tea!  

Discover Your Morning Ritual

Sometimes the best way to have the best day is to have a plan in place, starting with a daily morning ritual. There is nothing better than getting out of bed and knowing what the first hour of your day will look like. We recommend beginning your day with a cup of tea and a few moments of mindfulness. Some of you may have participated in our previous Digital Detoxes, but it is a good habit to take time away from your phone and from others and center yourself.  While your water heats up and your tea steeps, step away from your phone, tablet, computer, TV, and other digital devices. Watch the steam rise from the water, smell the tea leaves unfurl, and feel the warmth in your cup. Use this time to ground yourself and tune out the rest of the world. Our Time Collection is a great way to not only help guide your morning ritual but it can be a way to encourage you to take moments out of your day in its entirety. 

As 2019 continues, enjoy each and every moment of it. We hope this year is filled with more time spent drinking tea and discovering new blends and varieties from Art of Tea. Also, don't forget to share the love and share the tea with all of your loved ones.  

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