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Soothe Scratchy Throats and Sniffling Noses with Tea

Allergies can be a pain. The lingering scratchy throats and endless boxes of tissue thanks to your stuffed up nose. We are here to hopefully shed some light on your under the weather situation and let you know that tea is a great remedy to soothe your allergy ailments.

Tea and Allergies

Allergy season has people with scratchy throats, sniffling noses, and uncomfortable sinuses.

Several years ago, Japanese researchers conducted laboratory tests and found a compound in green tea that actually blocks certain cells from producing allergic reactions. This compound is found in Green Teas, the less processed form of teas. White Tea, what many refer to as raw tea since it is the youngest form of the tea leaf, is prized for its high antioxidant properties and is often chosen over Green Tea for avoiding colds.

We suggest a balance between the two to soothe allergy sufferers through the season. 

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