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Tea and Tunes - Workday Focus

Looking to crank out your end of year projects with minimal distractions? Needing some new music to pair with your workday to-do list? Looking to find more ways to get up from your desk? Sometimes creating a new daily ritual is all that it takes to get out of your workday slump and feel energized throughout the day, including after lunch. The Art of Tea Time Collection paired with this Workday Focus playlist is the ultimate duo to get you through the hustle and bustle of the upcoming end of year workdays. 

6:00 AM

Starting your day with a cup of tea creates something to look forward to as you open your eyes, especially when that tea is delightfully delicious. Art of Tea's 6:00 AM blend is a specialty of the southwest province of Yunnan. This unique tea is harvested from ancient trees on the protected land of Jingmai Mangjing's Blue Mountains. 100% organic, handpicked, and sorted, this black tea steeps a rich, earthy infusion with notes of cedar and honey. We can assure you that after a few days of this tea you'll forget about your love affair with coffee and be a morning tea connoisseur. 

9:00 AM

As you arrive to work and get settled at your desk, emails open, pen, and notebook out, we encourage you to pause to make yourself a cup of 9:00 AM blend before diving too deep into your morning to-dos. 9:00 AM is an organic hand-rolled green tea blended with Italian bergamot. This well-balanced creation of fresh citrus characters encourages a well-balanced morning. Get your electric kettle on, filter bags out, playlist turned up, and mindset right. 

12:00 PM

Start your lunch routine by brewing yourself a warm cup of Art of Tea's 12:00 PM blend. Delightful and refreshing, this wonderfully distinctive tea exhibits a rich Autumnal flavor of ripened peaches with lingering hints of oak and a long honey finish. Take some time to relax while your tea brews to recount your morning and get your head in the right space for the rest of the afternoon. 

3:00 PM

As your focus begins to dwindle and your motivation to get out the door increases, take a moment to get up from your desk and brew yourself a cup of Art of Tea's 3:00 PM blend. This green tea blend has the ideal botanicals and caffeine levels to help you regain concentration and feeling centered. We also suggest turning up the Workday Focus playlist to carry you through the rest of your workday. 

Tea Mind

Having "Tea Mind" throughout your workday will truly benefit your work ethic. Tea contains theanine which has been shown to reduce the anxiety-causing effects of caffeine stimulation, helping you to focus and deepen your senses. 

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