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Tea and Tunes - Time to Chill

Long day at work? Stressful day of travel? Feeling like you need a well-deserved hour of relaxation? You have come to the right place. We have created the ultimate pairing for you: tea and tunes. Enjoy a caffeine free blend, plop yourself down on a nice, cozy couch and get those speakers turned up with this playlist

Caffeine Free Chill

Looking for the ultra way to zen out, but you’re wanting to try something new? Our Caffeine Free Sampler is the perfect set for you to choose the tea you want pair up with this playlist. We’ve picked four of our tastiest tisanes to create our Caffeine Free Tea Sampler. Fruity and floral flavors make all four of these caffeine-free blends shine and aide in the ultimate chill sesh.

Upbeat Chill

Looking for more of an upbeat chill time? Try our Wellness Sampler where you will have four options to choose the perfect tea to pair with our Chill playlist. We used Ayurvedic principles to create our Wellness blends and the Wellness Tea Sampler includes four blends we know you’ll love. Although they’re not all caffeine-free, the four blends taste great and can help you feel your best, especially when paired with the perfect tunes.

Ultimate Chill

Looking for that little escape from your everyday life? If all you want to do is relax and chill out and listen to some solid music this is our pick just for you. Our dynamic, yet calming Chill elixir will ease your mind and spirit, melting away all of your worries and leaving behind nothing but sheer euphoria. Chill paired with our Chill playlist is truly a match made in heaven.

Get to zen. Happy listening.

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