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Tea and Tunes - Yoga Flow

Looking to "get your mind right" and calm those nerves? Needing some new music to pair with your YouTube yoga class? Stuck in traffic and looking to be brought to zen? Brew some of Art of Tea's Chill blend and get those speakers turned on for the ultimate pairing of Tea and Tunes - Yoga Flow

Getting On The Mat

Sometimes half of the battle is simply getting on the mat. To ease your way into your practice we suggest sipping our Bright Eyed blend. This ayurvedic inspired blend helps to awaken your mind and your sense to mentally get into the place to flow. If you're practicing early morning and need a boost, brew Endurance Blend. Endurance will stimulate the mind and body. If it has been a rough day, week, or month and you are simply just not feeling it, we suggest sipping our Happy Blend to lighten your senses and bring you closer to that place of bliss. 

Sipping Through Your Practice

Tea is a fantastic yoga companion. In fact, Eisai's Choice Sencha Tea has been known to bring forth clarity and focus and has been traditionally used in Zen monasteries as an aid in meditation. Simply sip teas such as Jasmine Pearls during a restorative practice, Immortal Nectar during a vinyasa class, or Silver Needle throughout each Hatha flow for the ultimate yoga experiences. 

Self-Care Awareness Month

September is Self-Care Awareness Month. We like to think that creating a tea-drinking ritual can be an important form of daily self-care. Rituals are a big part of practicing yoga. This is why tea and yoga flow together in so many ways (pun intended). We have equipped you with a playlist you can pair your flow too. It is now up to you to choose your tea that you'd like to pair with your practice. 

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