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The Best Tea for Every Type of Morning Person

Each person’s attitude and approach to their morning routine is as unique as they are, and so is the soothing or stimulating beverage they reach for in the A.M. Today, we’re exploring the different types of tea that are especially satisfying in the morning, and the different properties that make them such a great way to start the day.

Early Bird

Your day begins early, and that’s just how you like it. You get up before the sun rises and like to get a few things done before the chaos of the day ensues. For early birds like you, we recommend our Endurance Tea, a blend of adaptogenic herbs that will energize you in the early hours and provide the stamina you’ll need throughout the day.

Recovering Coffee Addict

For someone who loves a bold, dark drink in the morning but is trying to give up or cut back on their coffee consumption, English Breakfast is just the thing. This robust, caffeinated black tea creates a malty and aromatic brew that is perfect with or without a little cream, almost like your cup of joe, or dare we say, even better?

Caffeine Free

If you’re looking for a morning beverage that’s spicy and savory, especially if it’s a little nippy outside, but you can’t have (or don’t want) caffeine, look no further than Rooibos Chai. A twist on the classic Indian spiced tea we’re all familiar with, this blend is made with flavorful, warming, naturally caffeine-free Rooibos.

Late for Everything

If you’re the type who’s usually late (or about to be late) for whatever appointment you have today, chances are you could use a cup of our Breathe Blend. Made with turmeric, ginger, bergamot, and a dash of chili spice, you can throw it in a to-go cup and take a long thoughtful sip whenever you finally get a second to well, breathe! Cool citrus soothes, and spice stimulates.

Morning Meditator

If you’re hooked on the meditative mood of having a morning ritual to start your day, we have two perfectly prepared tea ritual kits for you to try. For green tea lovers, our At Home Matcha Kit will help you conduct your tea ceremony at home, combined with our ceremonial grade Matchasticks or Ceremonial Matcha Tin. Or, you can stimulate your morning creativity with our Earl Grey Creme ritual gift box. It comes with our classic Earl Grey Creme tea, a candle and matches so you can set the mood while your tea steeps, and a journal for writing down dreams, to-do lists, or the first thoughts of the day.

Join our Tea Club

If you’re interested in cultivating a taste for fine tea or are a seasoned connoisseur looking to expand your palate, join our tea club and receive a hand-selected tea every month. Choose from one of the five tea journeys we offer, from caffeine-free to single-origin, and discover beloved teas. For more personalized suggestions take our tea quiz, or simply explore our collections and curated teaware.


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