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The Best Teas for Allergy Season

Oh, Springtime. As wonderful as the blossoming flowers and chirping birds might be, Spring fever can turn sour when you're hit with seasonal allergies. If you're already noticing a light dusting of pollen on your car, windows, driveways, or pets, it's time to buckle down and prepare yourself for sneezes and sniffles. This season, use tea to fight back and make it through allergy season with your sanity intact. 

French Lemon Ginger

When you're looking for teas to pick you up on a sick day, what do you typically add? Lemon, ginger, and honey. With French Lemon Ginger, we've taken care of the add-ins for you. With sweet rooibos and honeybush as a base and bits of ginger, lemongrass, and lemon verbena, French Lemon Ginger is the easiest way to get your cuppa comfort. 

French Lemon Ginger, like all of the "teas" on this list, is actually a tisane. It's caffeine-free and won't stop you from getting those much needed zzz's. Bonus: It's available in single-serve pyramid sachets to make your sick day just a little bit easier. 

Throat Therapy

Well, this one should be obvious. If pollen is wreaking havoc on your throat, trust Throat Therapy to soothe you. Hot tea, in general, can do wonders for a sore or scratchy throat. The combination of ginger, mint, and clove give Throat Therapy a spicy and comforting taste. The echinacea helps heal and soothe. 

We don't suggest adding honey to tea often, but if any botanicals deserve a side of honey - it's clove and ginger. 

Feel Better

Don't let the name deceive you. Feel Better isn't just named for its effect on people bogged down by allergies. We call it Feel Better because it makes you feel better emotionally, too. A delightful mix of spices and berries makes Feel Better an unexpected flavor party. You'll be surprised when you read the ingredients on this one. Whoever knew that raspberry and chili pepper could pair together so well?

Even if you opt for a different tea or tisane, you'll feel comforted by the rising steam and warm liquid of hot tea. And as noses stuff up and throats become raw, those sensations can help give a wonderful reprieve from seasonal sickness. 

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