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The Keto Diet & Tea: A Guide

The keto diet has proved its success with more and more people choosing the diet for its weight loss and health benefits. Thankfully, tea is keto-friendly, but not all types of tea are acceptable. Keto is a specific diet that, when done correctly, allows the body to reach the state of ketosis which burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. To successfully achieve ketosis, you must avoid almost all carbohydrates and eat a diet high in fat and protein. Fortunately, pure tea has no carbohydrates and can be consumed when practicing the keto diet.

Best Teas to Drink While on the Keto Diet

The basic rule for tea drinking while on the keto diet is consuming sweetened or sugared tea and ensuring that any milk used is low carb and also does not have sugar or other carbohydrate additives. Additionally, there are some teas that may help the effects of the keto diet and improve weight loss. These include the following:

Best Teas to Drink While on the Keto DietGreen Tea & Matcha: Green tea is one of the best teas to drink while practicing the keto diet. Not only does green tea naturally include a number of beneficial antioxidants, it can also help in weight loss, increase a lean body mass, and strengthen muscles. The Art of Tea recommends drinking loose leaf green tea, mixing matcha in a smoothie, or trying a bulletproof matcha to boost your metabolism and improve your weight loss journey.

Chai Tea: Although chai tea is typically served sweetened with milk, there are many ways to drink a keto-friendly chai tea. We recommend using whipped cream to mix with or a non-sweetened dairy alternative milk like oat milk or almond milk. If you enjoy a chai tea on the sweeter side, there are some keto-approved sweeteners that you can add.

Iced Tea: Iced tea is also a great option for a refreshing drink on the keto diet. It is recommended that you always make your own iced tea from scratch rather than buying premade sweetened iced teas in the supermarket.

Discover Your Favorite Flavor of Tea from the Art of Tea

The keto diet and your favorite tea can go hand-in-hand. Do not sacrifice the things you love on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Instead, find the teas that work best for your new diet and routine. For questions or concerns about teas, please contact the Art of Tea. We will be happy to help you!