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Visiting LA? Find Art of Tea in the Wild!

Visiting Los Angeles anytime soon? While Art of Tea doesn't have a brick and mortar location, you can still find our tea all over the city. After all, these are our stomping grounds and the people of LA know good tea! 

Of course, if you're on vacation, you're probably wanting a unique experience as you sip down your favorite teas. You'll likely find Art of Tea in your hotel's cafe or lobby, and you'll probably spot us at a cafe on your morning coffee or tea run. For a little something different, check out these quintessentially Los Angeles locations.

The Huntington

This sprawling estate, art gallery, and rare book library is the perfect place to go on a classically sunny California day. Walk the Chinese Garden and pick up a teapot of Plum Oolong or Jasmine Reserve to enjoy with dumplings. For a luxurious and relaxing tea drinking experience, take afternoon tea in the Rose Garden Tea Room. Enjoy scones, sandwiches, and your favorite Art of Tea tea while enjoying whimsical harp music and the company of friends. You can also try the Huntington's Signature Blend - a tea created just for them that tastes amazing served as iced tea. Grab a Lychee Palmer (Lychee lemonade and Signature Blend!) from the Chinese Garden before walking the grounds to stay refreshed as you take in the scenery!


Speaking of beautiful LA scenery, we'd be remiss if we forgot to mention Perch, home of the most beautiful view in Downtown Los Angeles. With two floors of spectacular views of the LA skyline, Perch is the perfect place to unwind with dinner and tea after a long day of exploring Los Angeles. Stay after dinner for drinks and atmosphere overlooking the city of angels. 

Blu Jam Cafe

For the visitor hoping to run into celebs, we recommend brunch at Blu Jam. A favorite of the Kardashian's and other Hollywood icons, Blu Jam serves up delicious and nutritious brunch options. Choose from one of their four LA locations and sit down for an Eggwich, omelet, or one of their many vegan options. Of course, it wouldn't be brunch without a cup of tea. Enjoy classic English Breakfast or our popular White Coconut Creme

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