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Chaga 101

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a type of mushroom that grows primarily on birch trees in cold climates. It can be found in Europe, Canada, Asia, and even the United States This particular mushroom contains a lot of pigment melanin, leading to a dark black exterior when exposed to sunlight, with the interior staying a yellow-orange color. 

Alternative medicine practitioners have long believed Chaga to contain several healing properties, including the potential to aid in digestion, fight inflammation, provide energy, and boost immunity. 

Chaga is most often found in dried and powdered formats and is commonly found in teas, extracts, or tinctures. Chaga supplements, on the other hand, are fairly uncommon. This is because Chaga is not easily absorbed, and it is only by steeping the mushroom in liquid is the body more readily able to absorb it. That is precisely why we added Chaga to our new Chaga Chai Tea. Steeping Chaga in hot water helps break everything down, which has been shown to allow your body better access to all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that this “superfood” has to offer.

If you are thinking about consuming Chaga for the first time, ensure that you only buy from responsibly sourced brands. Our Chaga Chai is hand sourced and blended in our Los Angeles facility, ensuring freshness every single time. 

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