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Which Classic Family Movies Go with Art of Tea Classics?

It's winter, which means families are moving group activities indoors. It's the perfect time to bring out the blankets, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie together. When you watch your next movie as a family, don't forget the tea! Make a cup for yourself so you can get warm and cozy while you watch a movie, or brew up a tisane for the whole family to enjoy. And before you start debating which movie to watch, use your favorite tea to help you pick out a movie!

English Breakfast

Pay homage to the greatest nanny England's ever seen with a cup of English Breakfast. We think Mary Poppins is the perfect pairing to this robust, classically British, tea. The tale of an elegant (and spunky!) nanny, Marry Poppins will sweep you away with fantastic musical numbers that will take your breath away. Enjoy your English Breakfast as is, or add a spoonful of sugar. (Though, it's healthier if you skip the add-ons!) 

Green Pomegranate

Green Pomegranate's emerald tea leaves and ruby red raspberry bits go perfectly with the vibrant colors of Wizard of Oz. The classic film dramatically changes from black and white to color early in the film. This colorful disruption suits energetic and fresh green tea well. And what better way to watch the Lollipop Guild guide, Dorothy, down the yellow brick road than with a candy-sweet cup of green tea? 

Pacific Coast Mint

Chilly, refreshing, and smooth, Pacific Coast Mint reminds us of ice, snow, and March of the Penguins. This delicious tisane will slide down your throat like a penguin slides on ice! Sure, the tea might be named for the majestic coastline of California, but Antarctica has Pacific coasts, too! Sip on this tea as you become surprisingly emotionally invested in the trials and tribulations of a population of penguins. (Plus, who doesn't love a good Morgan Freeman narration?) 

White Coconut Creme

White Coconut Creme is one of Art of Tea's most famous blends, so why not enjoy it with a Disney masterpiece, too? Turn on Snow White and sip on this creamy and smooth award-winning tea. Watch the timeless tale of a jealous queen and benevolent princess, whose sweetness is matched only by White Coconut Creme. This tea's comforting coconut flavors could even make Grumpy smile, making it a wonderful addition to this feel-good princess tale. 

Pairing classic teas with classic tales aren't just for movies, though. We love pairing teas from our Classic Collection to famous novels, too. Find which book you should cozy up with this winter and enjoy Art of Tea's classics all season long.

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