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Which Tea Spring Break Should You Take?

You could use a vacation. It's time for Spring Break, and if you're like the millions of other office workers around the country, you're probably wishing you had an exotic locale on your calendar. While we can't literally send every Art of Tea drinker on a trip around the world, we can certainly help you feel like you're exploring new vacation spots. Discover delicious flavors from the most exciting destinations through our Location Collection.

Hike the Pacific Coast

It's tempting to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe for a breathtaking view, but sometimes, the prettiest scenery is in your own backyard. Travel to Big Sur on the California coastline and breathe in the woodsy cliffs and wild mint leaves. Big Sur combines spearmint and peppermint from the Pacific Coast with creamy black tea and bergamot to create a flavor that transports you to the beautiful edges of Big Sur. 

Say Aloha to Sandy Beaches

Every good tropical Spring Break deserves a great iced tea. Combine the two and give your palate a paradise with Maui. With a vibrant green tea base and chunks of pineapple, Maui delivers subtle and sweet tropical fruitiness. While you can absolutely enjoy this tea hot, we suggest serving it iced to let the sweetness of the fruits really shine. 

Excite Your Taste Buds in Japan

If you're feeling particularly adventurous and you're looking to try something new, we highly recommend trying out our Kyoto blend. Inspired by the classic Japanese Gen Mai Cha, Kyoto has taken Japan's "poor man's tea" and elevated it. Kyoto features the umami flavors of puffed rice and the sweet, grassy flavors of Uji Gyukoro and ceremonial grade Matcha. This tea is blended by a respected tea blender in Kyoto and imported straight to us so we can deliver an authentic Japanese experience. 

So, instead of sadly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and feeling pangs of jealousy at every vacation photo you stumble upon, give yourself your own little vacation. Pick your destination, brew the tea, and relax. You deserve it!

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