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We Are Committed To Transformation

At Art of Tea, we’ve always aspired to impact as many lives as we can through tea. That impact and experience apply to all races, but at this moment, we stand unequivocally in solidarity with the Black lives that have been marginalized for too long.

As a company that supports love, unity, and peace -- and condemns hate and social injustice -- we are devoted to being allies in anti-racism and turning these words into action. 

This starts with education, while also challenging ourselves to move the change forward, starting with the below first steps.

  • We will be making donations to a variety of charities benefiting Black Lives Matter causes, particularly those that are committed to the emotional and mental health and healing of Black communities such as the Loveland Foundation.
  • We will use our digital platforms to amplify Black voices, art, and Black-owned businesses. 
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